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Accelerate service activation and monetize services faster.


Learn more about Incognito's participation in the award-winning 5G Ride On! catalyst project (Outstanding Ecosystem Design), and our role in providing the orchestration and provisioning tools to enable the fulfillment of fixed, mobile, and app services. The purpose of this catalyst was to demonstrate the ability to use 5G technology, edge computing, and an autonomous network framework to monetize and support B2B2X business continuity services for the electric vehicle charging ecosystem.

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The Incognito Service Activation Center is a modular, productized software platform that automates service activation and streamlines back-end processes to reduce OPEX. By increasing activation speeds, service providers can accelerate customer on-boarding and monetize services faster. It can be deployed and operational in weeks—delivering proven value to global providers.

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Accelerate service activation with business logic to automate multi-service activation across all networks and devices.

  • Flexible offering support with simple service configuration adjustments to support: free trials of new services or service tiers; pay-as-you-go usage of higher levels of bandwidth on broadband; discount packaging combinations and time-restricted free usage

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Accelerate rollout of new services and customer on-boarding.

  • One-click service activation and order fulfillment reduces the burden on back-office system managers, customer care, and network operations

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Increase ARPU with multiple service options.

  • Activate new service tiers, usage-based pricing and packaging models, free trial and reduced-price incentives, prepaid and postpaid billing models, and targeted value-added applications

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Extend self-service to subscribers.

  • Configure subscriber self-service options that allow your users to set parental controls, manage gateway options, adjust network and Wi-Fi settings, and purchase new services

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Wholesale support.

  • Service Activation Center provides the ability to manage large-scale wholesale services. Access to client information is restricted based on specific privileges and a per-tenant basis

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Multi-network support.

  • Access network technologies such as Fiber, HFC, and Fixed Wireless Access

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Flexible billing system and charging models.

  • Model support such as Direct Entry Billing or Billing Fed 2-Way
  • Simplified Activation of Prepaid Service Options with support for a wide range of prepaid billing models, such as scheduled, time-based and volume-based, for any type of service and CSRs access to the history of all usage on prepaid services

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Industry standards and interoperability.

  • TM Forum – TMF641 Service Order Management API used to provide a standardized way to create, modify, and delete services
  • Industry-aligned RFS-CFS catalog driven workflow engine
  • Camunda – open source-based business process flow management
  • Network adapters – support all Tier-1 vendor EMSs and OLTs
  • Proven integration with TV, video, voice, internet platforms

Service Catalog

Embedded service catalog provides service definitions used in the catalog-driven service activation processes. Complementary to existing product catalog, the platform provides a generic approach to service definition and enables service providers to easily define and activate any service across any technology.

Business Process Management

Fully configurable business processes using Camunda Workflow and Decision Automation Platform. Service order logging – Service order status – Service order progress visualizations.

Web-Enabled User Interface (UI)

Easily configure role-based functions, and offer subscriber self-service portals with ubiquitous access from any location.

Data Modelling

Stores Service Activation Center data objects including subscriber, account, device, and service offering information, in an easy-to-access centralized location. Objects are modelled using classes defined in the database schema.

Open APIs and Adapters

Extensive library of proven ready-to-use adapters and northbound open APIs for integration to third-party systems. Proven integration pedigree with leading network and back-office system components.

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