Simplify DOCSIS 3.1 Provisioning to Decrease New Service Time-to-Market

The consumer demand for greater service efficiency and improved flexibility continues to gain traction, and cable service providers are turning to DOCSIS 3.1 to help stay competitive. Discover how DOCSIS 3.1 can help you reduce latency and improve network reliability.

Winning the Battle for Control, Efficiency and Differentiation in The Home Network with Operations Automation

An Incognito Webinar Recording Operations automation in the digital home network has quickly become an essential part of global communication service provider strategies for differentiation and competitive advantage. But how are today’s operators justifying the return on investment for solutions that automate service quality management and improve customer care? Watch Light Reading, Incognito, and Analysys […]

Residential Services Enablement: 4G LTE Service Optimization and Management

In an increasingly competitive landscape, service providers look to increase the flexibility of their networks and improve accessibility for a growing subscriber base. Offering service choices over the increasingly popular wireless standard 4G LTE can help improve network outreach, but fulfilling the services is only a start.

Empower Subscribers With Residential Self-Care

Reduce support costs and enhance experiences with an accessible subscriber self-care portal.

What to Consider for a Healthy Device Provisioning Deployment

Your device provisioning solution is one of the most important aspects of your business, but without regular maintenance, you may not be making the most of your investment. A system health check is essential to ensure the ongoing performance and availability of your network — what do you need to consider for the ongoing health of your device provisioning deployment?

Boost Service Availability and Reduce Churn Risk for VoIP Devices

The ability to implement and manage dynamic DNS is essential for secure and reliable subscriber VoIP devices. However, dynamic DNS updates can pose significant challenges for large Tier 1 and 2 operators and increases the risk of subscriber churn. Discover how the Incognito DNS Proxy solution for Broadband Command Center eliminates the risk of VoIP service disruption to improve subscriber QoE.

Network Services Resource Roundup

Are your broadband services evolving as quickly as your networks? If not, discover how to innovate and optimize subscriber services to realize the potential of your networks in our Network Services Resource Roundup.

Increase Revenue Through Targeted Upsell

Improve customer segmentation to identify candidates for upsell as well as subscribers at risk of churn. Apply subscriber usage information to maximize impacts of upgrade and retention offers.

Take The Guesswork Out Of Network Investment

Make informed network investments with a data-driven approach to capacity planning. Pinpoint exactly where your capital investments make the greatest impact on your business.

Intelligence and Control Platform for Broadband Networks

Managing broadband resources efficiently and effectively has never been more important for service providers. Discover how to innovate service portfolios and optimize network investments with predictive analytics and policy management.

Customer Network Experience Management

Customer Network Experience Management

DOCSIS 3.1 Toolkit: Everything You Need To Know

The toolkit contains resources that were created to provide all the information you need to better understand deployment options and scenarios, increase network bandwidth capacity, hasten new services time-to-market, and simplify DOCSIS file configuration and provisioning processes.

Centralize Auditing to Decrease Service Activation Risks

Discover how to improve visibility over end-to-end service activation processes and reduce the complexity of retrieving audit information when dealing with service activation issues.

Simplify Firmware Updates With an Automated Management Solution

Looking for a way to reduce operational costs and streamline the firmware update process? Gain an organized database of your entire CPE network and schedule automated end-to-end firmware management processes while retaining full visibility over device statuses — even while updates occur.

SmartCSR: Next Generation Customer Care

SmartCSR is designed to enable faster and more granular troubleshooting to reduce manual processes and improve issue resolution speeds for customer service representatives (CSRs). This system has completely eliminated the swivel chair for CSR agents. SmartCSR combines a fully configurable root-cause analysis flow with an integration platform that pulls data from multiple OSS/BSS sources, offering […]

IPAM Routing Table Discovery

Many communication service providers offer business customers transit on their networks. However, without visibility beyond the network edge, providers face a number of potentially serious issues that can affect IP resource management and cause IP conflicts that affect subscriber services.

Minimize Service Disruption With An Automated IPAM Solution

Explore common challenges and learn why an automated IP address management (IPAM) and scope deployment solution can help you reduce operational expenses as well as avoid subscriber service disruption.

Innovate Your Network Service Portfolio

Today, most broadband services are sold as commodities based on speed and price. While this was entirely sufficient during the “go-go” days of exponential growth, it is no longer an equitable model for network service providers.

2017 Community Hotspot QoE: An Incognito Consumer Report

Over 1500 consumers from the United States of America and Germany
answered questions on their experiences with today’s WiFi hotspots. Download the report from your region to learn about the consumer’s
current perception of the WiFi hotspot experience, and what direction quality expectations are headed.

Future Proofing Cable Networks: DOCSIS 3.1 & Provisioning

Discover whether an upgrade to DOCSIS 3.1 is the best way to achieve fiber-like speeds on your network, or whether you should shift to an all-fiber future.

Simplify DOCSIS 3.1 Provisioning to Decrease New Service Time-to-Market

The consumer demand for greater service efficiency and improved flexibility continues to gain traction, and cable service providers are turning to DOCSIS 3.1 to help stay competitive. Discover how DOCSIS 3.1 can help you reduce latency and improve network reliability.

Central Lease Service Data Sheet

Access all your active and historical lease audits in one central repository with Central Lease Service. Part of the Broadband Command Center suite, Central Lease Service enables faster lease lookups and simplifies law enforcement compliance without increasing the load on the DHCP service.

Order Management: Understanding the Elements of End-to-End Service Fulfillment

Subscriber service fulfillment is a complex undertaking involving many individual steps — and it’s often the first impression you make on new customers. Discover how to reduce OPEX and make a better first impression by downloading this complimentary white paper.

The Monetization of Carrier WiFi

WiFi is everywhere, but can these services add value to communication service providers beyond customer retention? Discover the strategies for recouping the cost of WiFi services and even generating new revenue.

Usage Billing Best Practices

How to Monetize Broadband in an Over-the-top World? Discover ways that usage based services reduce churn and increase ARPU This white paper identifies critical success factors and best practices required for commercial success with usage based billing of broadband services.  The findings in this white paper come from Incognito and industry experiences developing and delivering […]

Activate and Manage TR-069 Devices on 4G LTE Networks

Offer fixed 4G residential broadband services and remotely manage customer premises devices. Reach beyond the subscriber gateway to enhance the quality of experience Take advantage of existing LTE infrastructure by extending your service offerings into the residential broadband market. This market offers new revenue opportunities, but only if you can offer the same level of [...]

The Wired Operator in a Wireless World

How the wireless industry impacts customer service issues and why this challenge is an opportunity to launch new services

[Webinar Recording] The Changing Landscape of WiFi QoE

Watch SCTE/ISBE Senior Director of Advanced Technologies Steve Harris and Incognito discuss how you can leverage the latest additions to the Broadband Forum’s TR-069 protocol to improve network reporting, analysis, and actions based on WiFi events.

Extend Home Network Visibility to Legacy Devices with SNMP Genie

Extend Home Network Visibility to Legacy Devices with SNMP Genie

Prevent Subscriber Service Issues with End-to-End SQM

Prevent Subscriber Service Issues with End-to-End SQM

Fiber (FTTx) Service Fulfillment for Converged Networks

Learn how a major Singaporean communications service provider launched new services over fiber to provision, activate, and fulfill service.

Eliminating the Swivel Chair with Universal Service Activation

Among all of the strategic challenges competing for network service providers’ (SPs) attention, nothing is more crucial to success in the day-to-day battle for market supremacy than finding a way to accelerate activation of new services and promotions.

Fiber (FTTx) Services Enablement for Telco

Discover how the provider overcame integration challenges with an end-to-end service activation solution that supports all the moving parts on their network to become a leading provider of converged services over fiber in Latin America.

Improve Troubleshooting and Lower Support Costs with Smart CSR

Improve Troubleshooting and Lower Support Costs with Smart CSR

Save OPEX and Improve Subscriber QoE with Simple DOCSIS Firmware Management

Reducing OPEX while systematically ensuring consistent quality of experience for subscribers is no easy feat. For operators looking for ways to improve DOCSIS firmware management, the challenge is to reduce downtime while ensuring subscribers receive necessary firmware updates that may be required for new services, devices, or just as part of regular upgrades.

Cut Manual Processes and Reduce Service Disruption Risks with DOCSIS Firmware Management

In mid-to-large-sized organizations, deploying firmware updates to a wide network of end-user DOCSIS gateways is a long process that is prone to numerous service disruption errors. As a result of the work required and the risk of disruption to end-user services, many operators will simply put off updating firmware until it is critically necessary.

2016 Broadband Consumer QoE Report

The need to provide better QoE has been a major concern for broadband providers due to its direct influence on subscriber retention rates. But how well do you actually understand what influences your subscribers’ QoE? Read this report to find out: where QoE falls short for subscribers, important service improvements subscribers’ want, and much more!

Are You Ready for DOCSIS 3.1?

DOCSIS 3.1 promises 10x capacity throughput and a range of technical benefits for cable providers and users alike. Examine the advantages, the hurdles to implementation, and what you need to consider to prepare your network for a DOCSIS upgrade in this complimentary white paper.

IPDR vs. DPI: The Battle for Big Data

In a recent Dell report on Big Data, 89% of respondents with a Big Data initiative in progress reported significant improvements in their company’s decision making. This white paper examines the benefits of accurate automated Big Data intelligence solutions and explores the differences offered by the two main stream methods for Big Data collection, Internet Protocol Detail Record (IPDR) and Deep Packet Inspection (DPI).

How a Tier One Operator Fast-Tracked Project Delivery With Efficient IPAM

How can efficient IPAM (IP address management) help with project delivery? One U.S. Tier One provider recently discovered the difference that an automated solution can have after adopting of a holistic IPAM solution across all business units operating in more than 20 states. The result? Faster delivery of new services, lower OPEX, and optimized IP resources — giving the company a competitive edge across multiple markets.

Firmware Management: Recipe for Success

Firmware management can be a hectic and highly stressful event — from people at home experiencing service interruptions, to network administrators and engineers working long hours to ensure that updates are rolled out according to plan.

Optimize DHCP: Beyond Broadband Command Center

Are you making the most of your existing Broadband Command Center investment? If you’re relying on homegrown solutions or poorly integrated add-ons to manage DHCP lease data, fraud, or firmware updates, you may not be maximizing the available efficiencies the solution provides. Worse yet, you could actually contribute to extra strain on the DHCP service. Maximize your investment with three extensions that optimize DHCP performance.

Simplify Lawful Interception Requests with Centralized Lease Data

Worldwide, concerns over Internet-based crimes are growing. To combat illegal activities, service providers are required to comply with regional lawful interception regulations. Central Lease Service is a Broadband Command Center extension that makes it easy to simplify lawful interception requests by making it easy to map an IP address back to a specific subscriber.

Why You Shouldn’t Be Afraid of Implementing Fair Access Policies

Cable MSOs face shrinking margins and higher network upkeep costs as more subscribers shift to IP-only plans. This white paper details the case for fair access policies – including usage-based pricing – in the cable broadband industry. The major challenges, benefits, and best practices of policy enforcement are examined, with a focus on examples from the North American market.

Could Usage-Based Pricing Solve Your Bandwidth Dilemma?

Cable providers worldwide are facing lower revenues and higher upkeep costs as subscribers switch to IP-only plans. In North America, operators are turning to usage-based pricing policies to recoup revenue and offer subscribers a wider range of choices. Could this be the answer to your bandwidth dilemma?

The Bandwidth Intelligence Imperative

The surge in global Internet traffic is stressing broadband networks. In this environment, more multiple service operators (MSOs) are turning to Internet Protocol Detail Record (IPDR) to manage their high-speed data platforms and businesses. Enhanced features and back office integration can make an IPDR system even more effective by providing network intelligence for capacity planning, customer support, and new service rollouts.

Symptoms of Network Abuse and How to Stop It

CPE cloning, WiFi re-selling, CSR fraud and more — can you identify symptoms of network abuse on your network? Service theft and revenue leakage go hand-in-hand, with MSOs losing up to 5% of revenue each year to network abuse.

Enabling Community Wifi with DHCP

A major cable provider and MVNO in Spain wanted to increase customer retention in the competitive European market by offering a community WiFi service. This would enable the company’s more than 1 million subscribers to roam between services using public DOCSIS-based cable modems with WiFi capabilities.

Reduce Revenue Loss from Theft of Service

A leading United States cable MSO was losing an estimated $1 million USD per year to theft of service and fraud. Incognito delivered security and revenue assurance as part of a device provisioning solution to eliminate the revenue loss, with an immediate 88% reduction in fraud cases.

Key Performance Indicators

It can be difficult for service providers to measure an individual subscriber’s quality of experience (QoE) using only macro network statistics. To meet this challenge, you need service delivery intelligence from the network edge, generated from inside the customer premises.

Automatic IP Scope Deployment

Worldwide, declining IPv4 resources are forcing broadband service providers to alter network configurations more frequently. Providers must optimize their use of dynamic IPv4 pools or else face high costs purchasing on the IP address transfer market.

Bandwidth Consumption: Management and Revenue Alignment

For years, service providers have been focused on expanding their pipe to keep up with the growing bandwidth requirements of their subscribers. Showing no signs of decelerating, global IP traffic is expected
 to grow three-fold between 2013 and 2018. Incognito Bandwidth Activity Reporter is a congestion management and policy enforcement solution that utilizes IPDR data to facilitate better network planning, orchestrate speed reduction policies or utilization quotas, and aid in the identification of users that are disposed to upgrades.

Reduce Support Costs And Launch New Services With Fast Device Provisioning

TELCO REDUCES SUPPORT CALLS BY 50% How Automated Device Provisioning Enabled One Provider to Lower OPEX and Launch New Services Discover how one U.S. communication service provider expanded its service offerings and reduced downtime by eliminating manual processes for device deployment. In less than 5 minutes, learn how the operator: Improved uptime and halved outage-related […]

Address Commander Datasheet

Address Commander is an IP address management solution that lets you reduce operational costs and maximize IP resources. Use this efficient IPAM solution to ease the transition to IPv6 and obtain a customer-centric view of IP and DNS resources. Download the Fact Sheet

Communication Provider Prepares for Expansion with IPAM Solution

A leading, full-service Canadian communications provider with more than one million wireline and wireless customers wanted to grow its subscriber base. As part of this push, the provider planned to roll out a new WiMAX project to add to its popular voice, data, TV, and cellular services. This project requires the ability to keep track [...]

DHCP Load Balancing: Maximize Your Failover Pair

[pdf-embedder url=”” title=”DHCP Load Balancing Maximize Your Failover Pair”]

Cable Provider Improves Data Collection Accuracy with DHCP RADIUS Functionality

A North American cable provider with more than 600,000 subscribers recently experienced inaccurate measurements as a result of their bandwidth monitoring strategy. Learned how they used DHCP RADIUS accounting collection to improve capture accurate information. Download the Case Study

Device Provisioning for Wireline and Wireless Providers

Fact sheet covering how Broadband Command Center helps wireline and wireless service providers optimized resources with centralized DHCP device provisioning.

CPE Diagnostics Made Easy

Learn how TR-069 can help you cut down operational costs and provide extended subscriber support without increasing truck rolls.

Telecommunications Provider Grows with Centralized DHCP and IPAM

Learn how a large European telecommunications provider with more than 2 million mobile, 620,000 fixed phone line, and 400,000 Internet customers optimized its IP resources by sharing them across regions and edge routers.

Tier One Operator Rapidly Expands Footprint with Centralized Device Provisioning

One of the largest cable MSOs in Latin America was experiencing rapid market growth. With demand for Internet and VoIP services on the rise, the MSO was planning to expand services to an additional 13 cities in just a few months. Learn how they rolled out a new provisioning system and integrated it with LDAP in just a few months.

Name Commander Datasheet

Datasheet for Name Commander, a domain management system to manage large numbers of BIND and controlled name servers.

Broadband Command Center Datasheet

Datasheet for Broadband Command Center, a multi-network/environment device provisioning solution.

Auto Configuration Server Datasheet

Datasheet for Auto Configuration Server, an end-to-end TR-069 solution that enables efficient device provisioning, management, and support.

Service Activation Center Datasheet

Datasheet for Service Activation Center, a one-touch service activation and management solution.

Address Commander Datasheet Spanish

Datasheet for Address Commander, an IP Address Management (IPAM) solution from Incognito Software