Address Commander


Scale to millions of IP addresses and prepare for IPv6.

The Incognito Address Commander domain and IP Address Management (IPAM) solution efficiently manages and consolidates public IP addresses for business customers and residential subscribers. Supporting multi-vendor architectures, Address Commander gives service providers the visibility to:

  • Manage IP utilization across multiple networks to eliminate silos and optimize usage
  • Align IP planning based on flexible criteria, such as lines of business
  • Prepare for IPv6 with native support for IPv4 and IPv6 planning
  • Streamline IP requests with 90% faster with automated workflows
  • Meet regulatory reporting needs with extensive RIR reporting
  • Reconcile actual network with your IP plan
  • End-to-end automation from plan, request, allocation, deploy, monitor, reconciliation – in a single common software platform
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Network-wide visibility of IP and DNS resources.

  • Gain centralized access of IP-specific data, with configurable workflows as required
  • Automatically gather DHCP configurations from all the devices on your network with scans capturing all changes

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Network discovery.

  • Easily collect IP-related configurations from all the devices on your network with device discovery scans that capture all changes

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Plan and implement IPv6.

  • Lay the groundwork for IPv6 address management with IPv6-specific planning tools

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Customized reporting supporting regulatory compliance.

  • Easily generate comprehensive IP address allocations for planning, RIR reconciliation, or trending requirements and preserve data integrity with access control

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Streamline IP request management.

  • Fulfill IP requests 90% faster with automation, reducing OPEX

IP Management Service

Plan, manage, and report on IP blocks with IP Management Service. Configure workflows and create business rules to reduce operating costs and streamline processes.

Scope Deployment Manager

Reduce network complexity and save OPEX by automating IP deployment configurations.

Service Management Proxy

Obtain a holistic view of dynamic IP ranges and utilization. Use existing connectors or create new ones to safely perform read-only, vendor-agnostic network discovery of dynamically allocated IP ranges.

DNS Management

Streamline DNS changes for IPv4 and IPv6 hostnames via integration with Name Commander. Automatically push hostnames and records to your constellation of name servers.

Network Discovery Probe

Gain an intelligent centralized view of IP resources, and scan network changes for IP status and to reclaim stale IPs.

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