Professional Services

Stay on top of technology evolution and time-to-market pressures with Incognito Software Systems Inc.

In today’s competitive environment, network technology transformation is constant to meet the demand for innovative services and deliver an outstanding customer experience. Global service providers are challenged to continually up-skill and re-deploy resources to support complex new network technologies and meet new service delivery targets. Increasingly, service providers are acknowledging that it makes good business sense to bring in domain experts to help accelerate the learning, knowledge transfer, and network transformation tracks in parallel.

With extensive experience spanning dozens of Tier 1 service providers, Incognito offers unique broadband telecom expertise, with a focus on cable, fiber, and broadband technologies, to augment and optimize systems, and train existing resources while delivering new services in a timely fashion.

Incognito offers a full range of consulting and implementation services to address the entire service lifecycle, from initial consulting and analysis, to custom development, solution integration, and training to achieve your service strategy goals. We bring:

  • Highly skilled global professional services practice with professionals based in Americas, Europe, Asia, and CALA to support local markets
  • Experience in accelerating deployment and solution customization for global CSPs
  • Solution investment optimization

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Whether it is a greenfield solution or migration from a legacy solution, we provide a smooth transition. Avoid deployment headaches and rollbacks with our experienced implementation team who will guide you through configuration, installation, testing, and support.

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Choose from our standard training packages or let us tailor a session to suit your needs. Professional training is available for all aspects of Incognito solutions, from provisioning and deployment to business processes and CSR support.

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Ongoing Consultation

From system health checks to business transformation, let us save you time and money so that you can focus on your day-to-day operations. We offer ongoing consultation and assistance to guide you through operational changes as well as the full lifecycle of your solution.

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Solution Architecture and Integration

Challenged by a business puzzle? Let us find the right pieces to solve your challenge or build a solution from the ground up. Draw on the experience of our experts who are creating flexible platforms for hundreds of service providers worldwide to provide seamless migration, integration, and solution delivery.

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Program Management

Work towards your goals with our full business analysis and program management service. From complete overhauls to smaller migrations, our experienced team can take on the full spectrum of project tasks to enable long-term success. This includes developing roadmap, managing resources, liaising with vendors, running the program, reporting to stakeholders, and delivering executive-level reports. We’ll take care of the complexity of your program so you can get back to running your business.

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Custom Development

Perhaps you already know exactly what you need to optimize your network or improve the subscriber experience. Based on your needs, we can deliver custom approaches to improving customer quality of experience and provide best-in-class service fulfilment—through managed services, portals, and other tailor-made developments.