Accelerate Digital Home Network Self-Care and Diagnostics with Incognito Widgets

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Incognito’s Self-Care Widgets have been recognized among the best in the broadband industry by the 2020 Broadband Technology Report's Diamond Technology Reviews


Many home users want options to self-troubleshoot and resolve technical issues instead of calling into customer care. The benefits are clear – reduced OPEX, less burden on customer care, and happier customers. Service providers do not want to create a new portal for technical self-care – they’ve already significantly invested in existing portals and self-care applications. Incorporating new digital channels presents challenges for internal software development teams who juggle multiple B/OSS integration points and complex authentication flows for self-service features. How can you augment your existing BSS investment and avoid extensive rework to incorporate new services?

Incognito offers a new delivery approach to home user technical self-care with widgets – modular, re-usable, and customizable software code executed within a web browser. Widgets can augment an existing self-service customer portal or provide new functions within a mobile application. Home users get easy and familiar access to technical self-care, and service provider IT development teams can accelerate new applications development in weeks.

Self-Care Widgets at a Glance

Incognito's self-care widgets are an optional module for the award-winning Incognito Digital Experience Solution.

Incognito offers subscriber home network self-care widgets that can be easily integrated into your existing customer portal or mobile application to provide a one-stop-shop for all customer care needs, including automated troubleshooting of common home network challenges like password resets, speed tests, and simple diagnostics for field service applications.


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Wi-Fi Speed Test

Run speed test from wireless devices. Historical results also noting Wi-Fi device location visible to subscriber and CSR


Wi-Fi Diagnostics

Detect common wireless connectivity issues and auto-correct the problem


Broadband Speed Test

Perform broadband TR-143 speed test. Historical results visible to subscriber and CSR


Connected Devices

TR-069/TR-181 MAC address-based blocking of internet access, friendly alias for retrieved device name, and categorize device (iPad, tablet, Android phone, laptop)


Wi-Fi Settings

Change passphrase, security, channel, hide SSID and network name


Field Technician

Perform Wi-Fi speed tests and diagnostics post-installation or during a truck roll. Shorten customer visit and ensure service quality

Modular re-usable portable library executed in a web browser – augment existing self-service customer portal and mobile applications across all user platforms

Responsive design fitting any screen size – desktop, mobile, tablets

Easy customization – customize look and feel to align to your brand and incorporate multi-language support

Control what features and tools are exposed to subscribers

Certified by Incognito for Auto Configuration Server (ACS) pre-integration and backward compatibility. Features User Services Platform support

For IT software development teams who want to enhance existing self-care applications with new remote care functions

Dark-green-circleRapid integration reduces internal software development time by months – new functions can be enabled in weeks

Dark-green-circleAccelerate unified self-care development interval while delivering consistent user experience across portals & mobile devices

Dark-green-circleVendor and device neutral solution provides common home user self-care approach – all devices are treated uniformly

Dark-green-circleCentralize digital care channel B/OSS integration points and support single sign-on authentication

For network operations professionals who need to reduce operational costs with the introduction of digital channels

Green-BulletExtend issue resolution and diagnostic control to home users, reducing the burden on customer care and network operations

Green-BulletEmpower field service technicians with applications to validate speed and experience while on-site

Green-BulletIncognito widgets seamlessly integrate with existing BSS systems

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