Digital Experience Solution for Device Management

Next-generation device management and data collection solution to boost operational efficiency and launch compelling IP service offerings.

With the explosion of connected devices in the residential and small-business network, broadband service providers face new pressures to resolve even more technical issues, as well as maintain always-on connectivity for complex voice, video, and data services.

The Incognito Digital Experience Solution leverages Incognito's widely-deployed TR-069 Auto Configuration Server, which features TR-369 User Services Platform support, to equip service providers with a unified, secure platform to remotely manage in-home networks and devices, resolve connectivity issues, cut down on operational support costs, and launch innovative high-ARPU services. Incognito's DX solution supports various deployment options, including on-prem and cloud-based, to meet the demands of any service provider and deliver quality user experiences.

Evolution of Device Management

Solution Overview

Digital Experience Solution

Product Line

Digital Experience – On-premise
DX SaaS – Cloud-based ACS + USP

Manage devices and Wi-Fi networks with a scalable solution

Incognito's Digital Experience Solution equips operators with a next-generation remote device management platform, featuring uber-scaling capabilities, enhanced analytics, and a unified approach to device management with TR-069 ACS and TR-369 USP support to drive quality of experience and launch new connected home services.


  • Holistic remote device management for TR-069 and TR-369 on a secure, multi-tenant platform
  • Quality of experience Home Score for Wi-Fi performance
  • Self-care digital channels
  • CSR automated troubleshooting
  • Service Quality Manager for proactive broadband performance measurement
  • Enhanced visibility and control of full device lifecycles
  • Automatic firmware upgrades
  • Robust near-real-time network monitoring and device alerts, KPI analytics, and reporting
  • Wi-Fi optimization with automated channel selection to avoid congestion/interference
  • Big data telemetry for always-on connectivity and Wi-Fi optimization
  • Android TV STB management
  • Third-party application catalog for USP services, such as in-home network security, speed tests, and Wi-Fi optimization



DX On-prem

Cloud-based device management

Incognito's DX SaaS Solution equips service providers with a cloud-based, secure Auto Configuration Server platform with User Services Platform (USP) support to remotely monitor and manage devices in a lightweight, cost-effective model. With Incognito's solution, service providers can take advantage of faster deployment times and lower investment costs with pay-per-use pricing for their TR-069 and TR-369 device management needs.


  • Full-featured, standards-based ACS with USP controller support
  • CSR automated troubleshooting and QoE Home Score
  • Wi-Fi Home Score to ensure subscriber QoE
  • Wi-Fi optimization with automated channel selection to avoid congestion/interference
  • Near-real-time network monitoring, alerts, and KPI analytic dashboards
  • Uber scaling
  • Proactive speed and latency testing
  • API interfaces easing B/OSS integrations



DX cloud connectivity

Complete View of Devices and Networks

Improve visibility and control of device lifecycle management.

Incognito DX Device Dashboard

Smart Home Services

Launch new revenue-generating services in the connected home.

Incognito USP Smart Home Services

Digital Experience Solution

Use Cases

Customer Care
Network Operations
Field Engineering
Subscriber Self-care

Complex home Wi-Fi networks with numerous connected devices are presenting new challenges for customer service representatives (CSRs) who need to resolve technical issues for residential broadband customers. With more than 8% of users calling in for technical support, the pressure is on to quickly resolve home user complaints, reduce the burden on customer care, and limit escalations to technical staff. The Incognito Digital Experience Solution features a CSR Dashboard that:

  • Provides CSR operational tools to remotely perform device reboots, speed tests, and scans
  • Mitigates manual intervention using device management business process automation
  • Provides at a glance validation of service quality vs. subscriber plan, augmented by BSS layer integration

There is increasing pressure on network operations and engineering teams to improve the quality of experience of the home Wi-Fi network. Incognito offers proactive tools and performance analytics to accelerate technical problem resolution, with visibility into the home network to analyze data and perform diagnostics for all of the devices within the subscriber's broadband network.

Incognito Service Quality Manager module:

  • Enables lightweight speed test using TR-143 protocol to test upload and download broadband connection quality
  • Provides on-demand and scheduled functions – key to enabling CSR and network operations troubleshooting
  • Aggregates data for additional trend analysis

Incognito KPI Dashboard module:

  • Aggregates service data from any part of the network – access network, home or small business Wi-Fi
  • Normalizes data into service quality metrics aligned to business KPIs

There is increasing pressure to deliver a great service experience, including assessing the in-home network before and after a service call. Field technicians lack the tools to scan home or business Wi-Fi upon arrival and following completion of installation to avoid another truck roll.

Service providers who rely on outsourced technical support also need comparable tools to measure the performance and quality of the outsourced services to ensure SLAs are met.

For service providers who are looking to reduce operational costs with the introduction of digital channels, Incognito's solution:

  • Empowers field service technicians with applications to validate speed and experience while on-site
  • Seamlessly integrate with existing BSS systems
Field Engineering

Many end-users want more flexibility and control over the in-home or small business network, including the ability to resolve technical issues and manage preferences.

Incognito offers subscriber self-care widgets that can be easily integrated into your existing customer portal or app to provide a one-stop-shop for all customer care needs including automated troubleshooting of common problems like password resets, changing Wi-Fi channel and security settings, managing connected devices, and performing speed tests and simple Wi-Fi diagnostics.


Digital Experience Solution

Case Studies

Asian Service Provider
European Galaxy Operator
Latin American Operator

A critical element of their digital transformation strategy, a Tier 1 service provider in Asia needed to address the rising cost of technical support calls into customer care and increased truck rolls. This service provider needed a multi-access technology solution to support residential services over DSL, fiber, and LTE fixed-wireless access. To shrink the average handle time for customer support calls related to home network issues and improve quality of experience, the operator wanted to automate and digitize the interactions between call center agents and home broadband users.

By leveraging Incognito's solution, the service provider was able to reduce CSR call handling times by 30% and reduce truck rolls by 50%. The increase in successful first-time call resolutions by customer care also contributed to higher customer satisfaction.

Customer IT support

To improve the quality of experience for LTE fixed-wireless residential customers, a Tier 1 European galaxy service provider required an innovative solution for two affiliate markets to remotely manage devices on the customer premises, and quickly resolve technical issues.

The Incognito Digital Experience Solution empowered this service provider with extensive analytic and diagnostic capabilities to proactively and remotely manage devices serving the in-home network, reduce CPE device swap rate, and gain business intelligence from device and WAN analytics to drive network planning.

Group of people working

To support next-generation broadband services, a Tier 1 service provider in Latin America was looking to improve device management, as well as the lifecycle management of services, across a range of access technologies by consolidating into a single platform.

Thanks to the Incognito Digital Experience Solution, the operator was able to unify and automate the management of CPEs across the network, thus reducing troubleshooting time, improving the overall experience for customers, and lowering operational costs.

Enjoying the internet

Digital Experience Solution

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