Incognito Software Systems Leadership Team

Incognito's executive leadership team totals 100+ years of experience in the telecom space across the globe.

Incognito Software Systems provides service orchestration software and services solutions that help fixed service providers manage the next-generation broadband experience. Our productized service orchestration platforms allow cable, fiber, and fixed wireless broadband service providers to manage in-home, enterprise, and IoT devices and services, bringing extensive automation and analytics to reduce operational costs and improve the user experience.

Incognito Software Systems

Meet the Team

Pete Koat
Business Unit Leader

Pete is responsible for defining the strategic technology direction and innovation path for Incognito, identifying functional requirements with customers, and contributing to relevant industry standards. Pete is also responsible for driving the development and execution of Incognito’s IT strategy. Prior to Incognito, Pete spent over 15 years as CTO at telecom software specialists including Libre Communications and Skitter, developing telecom solutions in video streaming, data compression and OTT real-time communications. Pete holds multiple patents related to IP video compression, delivery, and streaming.

Essam Bakr
VP of Sales Operations

With more than 25+ years of industry experience, Essam leads the global sales operations for Incognito. He joined Incognito from Amdocs where he held a leadership business development role within the Network Business Unit. Essam brings extensive management experience in small and large companies across a number of industries. He holds master's degrees in Management and Computer Systems from the University of Ottawa.

Ricardo Gonzalez
VP of Sales

As VP of Sales for Incognito, Ricardo is responsible for all aspects of sales strategy and execution, bringing over 25 years of experience in sales and account management with communication service providers (CSPs). Ricardo joined Incognito in April 2019 from Amdocs, where he led sales for two major CSP Groups in the CALA region. Ricardo’s prior experience includes sales roles with Oracle, MetaSolv, Nortel and Ericsson, among others. Ricardo is native in Spanish and English, with professional fluency in Portuguese, and holds an MBA from IPADE.

Munir Allibhai
Head of Maintenance, IT, Managed Services

As a member of Incognito's executive leadership team, Munir oversees the maintenance and IT operating functions, including customer success, technical support, professional services, managed services, information technology, and security. A passionate thought leader and team-builder, Munir brings 20+ years of industry experience with a proven track record of building customer relationships and helping service providers achieve elevated results. Munir holds a B.Sc. in Computer Science from the University of Victoria, and an MBA from McGill University. Outside of work, Munir is an avid hockey player, golfer, youth sports coach, and massive fan, cheering on his two boys' sports teams with his wife.