Monetization and Analytics

Subscriber insights, capacity planning, and policy control for cable and fiber networks.

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The explosive growth of subscriber network usage driven by OTT and cloud services, new network technologies, and CAPEX investment in capacity is increasing network costs without corresponding increases in revenue. Service providers need better intelligence about subscribers and networks to optimize revenues and costs, and improve control over service delivery. They need to be able to make faster investment decisions, reduce churn, and enable new markets to grow their subscriber base.

Monetization and Analytics at a Glance

Incognito Network Monetization and Analytics platform provides usage collection, system mediation, policy control, and purpose-built analytics for network data services. These capabilities allow service providers to more accurately meter subscriber usage, monitor network capacity, and perform what-if analysis forecasting.



Cable Fiber Outlook Report 2020

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IPDR Core Engine

Scalable IPDR data collection and network topology supports high volume measurement of cable modem usage and network utilization. Data is stored and aggregated within a big data repository.

Subscriber Metering

Accurately measure subscriber usage and service performance with highly scalable subscriber mediation. Data is metered per subscriber, accounting for box swap, rate plan, and multiple devices.

Policy Management

Manage service delivery and improve QoE with network traffic policy control based on subscriber, network, and service rights. Reduce congestion and innovate service portfolios with new offerings.

Quota Manager

Profile subscriber usage and network utilization against quotas and service level objectives. Automate billing and network policy control actions based on service definition.

Capacity Planning

Gain visibility into traffic patterns, peak congestion periods, and broadband usage patterns to make more informed decisions on network capacity investments based on trends and predictive analytics.

Subscriber Portals

Improve subscriber engagement with self-service portals and active notifications. Application modules and frameworks reduce development complexity and speed time-to-market for new services.

Improved insights on subscriber usage and QoE

Agile new development with software-defined services

Billing-grade usage control for charging and rating

Scalable and reliable high-availability clustered architecture

Dynamic service control for experience management and innovation

Subscriber Insights

Understand your customers better to create more personalized offers, identify new service opportunities, and measure service performance. As broadband markets mature, service providers need to identify market segments and their behaviour in order to create more personalized service offerings that reflect better value. They also need to measure service delivery performance in order to anticipate customer issues that can lead to dissatisfaction and churn.

Big data and purpose-built analytics can provide broadband service providers with the subscriber insights they need to create more impactful upgrade campaigns, respond with more relevant retention offers, and identify new service opportunities.

Incognito Monetization and Analytics Platform:

  • Usage collection, subscriber mediation, and reporting for broadband usage
  • Accurately measure subscriber usage and network service performance
  • Analyze subscriber usage across time and geographies

Incognito Advantage

  • Fast and accurate subscriber usage reporting
  • Integrated big data can be exposed to enterprise data warehouse
  • Service performance to understand subscriber QoE
  • Carrier-grade scale supporting millions of devices in a clustered architecture

Capacity Planning

It’s never been more important to keep pace with bandwidth demand — or more difficult. Communication service providers are constantly evolving strategies to optimize network resources and keep pace with changing subscriber usage patterns, while those that do not face inconsistent subscriber quality of experience (QoE) and customer churn.

Without visibility into real network resource utilization, it is nearly impossible to accurately predict future growth, which puts network engineers under pressure to “play it safe” with capacity upgrades. Optimizing your network is essential to remain profitable and grow your business in a competitive market — but how can you keep up with bandwidth demand without over-stretching resources?

Incognito Monetization and Analytics Platform:

  • Collects network utilization performance and applies machine learning to understand trends and pinpoint network trouble spots
  • Helps eliminate the guesswork in network capacity management with data-driven insights
  • Automates data processing of IPDR and SNMP records
  • Provides a holistic network/subscriber view showing who is impacted by congestion

Incognito Advantage

  • Offers what-if analysis to predict future capacity requirements, pinpoint areas of your network that may become congested as subscriber usage grows or higher speed services are adopted
  • Visualize network capacity through dashboards and graphs to the node level and identify impacted subscribers when congestion occurs
  • Identify heavy users who are creating congestion issues for other users and apply network traffic management policies such as throttling to maintain sufficient capacity

Congestion Management

Improve overall quality of experience (QoE) with proactive and reactive network traffic management policies.

Subscribers demand reliable and consistent quality of experience (QoE) but increasing demand for bandwidth, driven by OTT and cloud services, is creating more congestion events on the network every day. The solution to unprecedented growth is to manage network congestion proactively and reactively using network traffic policies based on time of day, network utilization levels, and subscriber type.

Incognito Monetization and Analytics Platform:

  • The integrated policy management system enforces network traffic management policies using native mechanisms, such as PCMM
  • Seamless policy enforcement using PCMM on the CMTS
  • Automated rule application recognizing OEM differences
  • GUI based development of profiling and policies
  • Control of upstream and downstream for tiered services

Incognito Advantage

  • Identify congested segments on the network and apply network traffic management policies to better match network supply to demand
  • Use tiered services to distribute capacity more effectively during heavy usage periods of the day to deliver a predictable experience to subscribers
  • Discover how to innovate service portfolios and optimize network investments with predictive analytics and policy management

With next-generation broadband services at a premium and heavy data consumption becoming a growing issue, service providers are feeling the strain on their network and it is resulting in increased costs for all subscribers. Not everyone’s usage is the same, so it is only fair that users pay for the data they use. In order to fairly monetize network usage, a North American Tier 1 service provider looked to introduce subscriber usage metering to understand usage patterns and make subscribers aware of their data consumption.

By leveraging the Incognito solution, the service provider was able to measure usage across both cable and fiber networks to identify appropriate data caps for their subscribers and introduce usage-based billing nationally.

For one Latin American Tier 1 service provider, after making significant investments in next-generation access network technology, they needed a better way to monetize their high-speed service offerings. Thanks to Incognito, the service provider was able to supplement its postpaid usage-based billing model with on-demand top-up packages. When heavy users exceed their monthly data limits, their speeds were throttled for the duration of their billing cycle unless they purchased additional data.

With Incognito, the service provider was able to implement quota management and policy-based control to monetize heavy usage and protect against escalating network costs.

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