Network Monetization
and Analytics Platform

Make your broadband data meaningful by gaining deeper insights to manage service delivery, increase revenues, and keep customers engaged.

Fueled by subscriber and network insights, Incognito equips service providers with the tools to further monetize and optimize their networks. Experiences become personalized, operations become intelligent, and insights turn into profit.

With Incognito's Network Monetization and Analytics Platform (MAP), it is now possible for service providers to optimize network resources, proactively address service quality, automate network actions, and uncover new market opportunities using a centralized platform that spans multiple departments and teams. Incognito's solution delivers the business intelligence and advanced analytics needed to make informed data-driven decisions.

Platform Overview

Service providers have a wealth of subscriber data in their networks, however, capturing that data and using it to optimize service delivery is complicated. Enter Incognito's Network Monetization and Analytics Platform (MAP), which delivers robust and accurate near-real-time data collection, analysis, and intelligence to increase revenue, optimize network management, and effectively go to market with new services.

With its massively scalable inbuilt collector, advanced data analytics engine, and easy-to-understand dashboard, Incognito's network analytics and monetization solution provides a single, integrated, and comprehensive view of all activity in your networks, with the data visualization and actionable insights needed to improve quality of experience, and increase revenue.

This trusted and proven carrier-grade solution eliminates the need for multiple, disparate network analytics and intelligence tools, streamlines big-data analysis processes, and provides fast, accurate, and informed insights, regardless of access technology or vendor, by leveraging standards-based IPDR and IPFIX data collection.

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Monetization and Analytics Platform

Product Features

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Increase Revenue

Increase ARPU by leveraging key subscriber insights to drive revenue generation via package upsells, promotions, and usage-based add-ons.

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Enhanced Insights

Gather network insights to understand differing subscriber needs, classify users to bandwidth, and track usage across individual users, markets, and service classes.

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Automated Actions

Take automated action to drive service changes, such as applying configurable policies, based on subscriber usage.

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Improve Network Performance

Proactively monitor network congestion and identify potential issues that can impact the customer experience.

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Reduce Spending

Lower capital expenditures by optimizing network resources and deferring any unnecessary upgrades.

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Regulatory Compliance

For operators actively participating in regulatory funding programs, MAP's Monetize module offers robust monitoring and analytics for accurate regulatory reporting of subscriber broadband usage and consumption.

Incognito MAP Dashboard

Incognito MAP Proactive

Monetization and Analytics Platform

Additional Resources

MAP analytic use cases
Monetization and Analytics Platform Use Cases

Download Incognito's eBook which explores how service providers can use MAP's various modules to monetize, act, and be proactive with the network and customer data they already have.

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Discover the Advantages of Incognito MAP

Download our comprehensive fact sheet to explore the unique differentiators and unparalleled advantages that set Incognito's Monetization and Analytics Platform apart from the competition.

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In the world of network management and data traffic analysis, IPDR (Internet Protocol Detail Record) has been making waves. But what exactly is IPDR, and how does it revolutionize the way networks are monitored and optimized?

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Monetization and Analytics Platform

Product Modules

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Leverage network and subscriber data to drive targeted service upsells, promotions, and usage-based add-ons to increase ARPU.

Segment and identify subscriber needs based on usage data.

Enable zero-based rating for operator-provided services such as IPTV, VoIP, and more.

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Automatically apply network and service changes based on configurable policies.

Engage customers with personalized, data-driven omni-channel notifications, and streamline debt collection.

Utilize real-time usage data to effectively manage network congestion, fair use of access networks, and monitor overages.

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Utilize machine learning to monitor network health and proactively address congestion.

Proactively identify and resolve network and service issues before customers are impacted.

Leverage informed insights to accurately plan immediate and long-term capacity upgrades.

Monetization and Analytics Platform

Product Benefits

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Increase Revenue from Customers

You want to grow your customer profits. Your customers want a high quality of experience via ubiquitous connectivity and service offerings that meet their needs. Incognito's analytics solution can deliver on both by helping increase subscriber engagement, reduce churn, and drive upsell opportunities.

  • Keep subscribers engaged and connected by delivering the level of service they expect through proactive analysis of network usage data.
  • Empower subscribers with self-service portals and active notifications.
  • Identify ideal customers for service enhancements, upsells, or add-ons.
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Optimize Network Operations

Streamline network management processes and break down silos caused by multiple third-party software tools by leveraging Incognito's big data and machine-learning intelligence solution to enhance network insights, improve operational efficiency, and enhance service delivery.

  • Eliminate blind spots in your network with a single, integrated, and comprehensive view of broadband usage patterns and subscriber activity.
  • Reduce the time to identify, diagnose, and resolve network and service issues.
  • MAP's highly available, horizontally scalable architecture ensures efficient handling of vast amounts of network data.
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Launch New Services Successfully

Successfully compete in a continuously evolving market by identifying and acting on subscriber behaviours, interests, and intentions.

  • Gain more customers with predictive analytics to approach the right subscribers with the right service plan offers at the right time.
  • Develop and launch profitable new services based on network utilization patterns.
  • Determine the success of current offers and identify opportunities using network and subscriber data.

Monetization and Analytics Platform

Customer Case Studies

North American CSP
Latin American CSP
Regulatory Reporting

Today's service providers are under pressure to elevate network performance, cut costs, and elevate subscriber satisfaction. One American service provider looked to overcome these challenges by adopting Incognito's Network Monetization and Analytics Platform (MAP).

The service provider grappled with multiple obstacles that demanded a strategic overhaul in their approach to network analytics within their OSS. They were burdened by an expensive OpEx-intensive licensing model from their incumbent vendor, leading to financial constraints. Existing functionality gaps resulted in misdiagnosed issues, misguided CapEx expenditures, and missed opportunities for proactive network optimization.

The decision to select Incognito's solution was underpinned by its CapEx-focused model, adaptable product, open approach, and technology-agnostic standards, making MAP an invaluable asset for operators striving to enhance operational efficiency and attain valuable network insights.

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For one Latin American Tier 1 service provider, after making significant investments in next-generation access network technology, they needed a better way to monetize their high-speed service offerings. Thanks to Incognito, the service provider was able to supplement its postpaid usage-based billing model with on-demand top-up packages. When heavy users exceed their monthly data limits, their speeds were throttled for the duration of their billing cycle unless they purchased additional data.

With Incognito, the service provider was able to implement quota management and policy-based control to monetize heavy usage and protect against escalating network costs.

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In recent years, regulatory bodies have introduced various programs to ensure accessible broadband for all. Broadband operators can often receive incentives based on subscriber broadband usage. However, meeting these programs' reporting requirements can be complex and involve challenges such as capturing network data, identifying connected devices, and sharing data with multiple systems.

Incognito's Network Monetization and Analytics Platform, with its Monetize module, helps solve these challenges. The solution enables operators to meet regulatory reporting requirements with features such as data collection, subscriber segmentation, and customizable reporting while also allowing them to increase ARPU and optimize network operations.

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Incognito's Network Monetization and Analytics Platform (MAP) offers a market-leading solution that provides real-time data collection, a holistic view of network activity, and more control over broadband services with machine learning and closed-loop automation. Learn how Incognito MAP can help you monetize your data and optimize network performance by booking a meeting.

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