Innovate and optimize network services with intelligence and control

Incognito Network Monetization and Analytics Platform allows network service providers to accurately collect and meter subscriber usage, use policies to create new services and manage congestion, optimize network capacity investments, and analyze usage trends. Network Monetization and Analytics arms broadband service providers with the insights and controls needed to innovate service portfolios, optimize network capacity investments, and manage subscriber service delivery.

Gain subscriber insights

Understand how your subscribers are using their services with usage and utilization data correlated to rate plans and geographies. Quickly identify market segments and automate acquisition processes.

Innovate network services

Create differentiated services to meet the needs of different market segments using quota management and network traffic policies. Improve acquisition and retention with service innovation.

Leverage network intelligence

Use purpose-built analytics and geographic mapping to identify congested areas and impacted users. Quickly troubleshoot root cause to reduce Time To Repair

Enforce fair use policies

Reduce the negative impacts of heavy users with proactive and reactive congestion management based on acceptable use policies and service definitions.

Improve CAPEX decisions

Use historical utilization performance and predictive analytics to pinpoint future network bottlenecks in order to optimize capacity investments.

Integrate with B/OSS

Leverage open APIs and ETLs to integrate billing grade usage information and network utilization data into billing systems and enterprise data warehouses.

Key components


Scalable IPDR data collection and network topology supports high volume measurement of cable modem usage and network utilization. Data is stored and aggregated within a big data repository.

Subscriber Meter

Accurately measure subscriber usage and service performance with highly scalable subscriber mediation. Data is metered per subscriber,  accounting for box swap, rate plan and multiple devices.

Policy Manager

Manage service delivery and improve experience with network traffic policy control based on subscriber, network, and service rights. Improve QoE with congestion management and innovate service portfolios with new offerings.

Quota Manager

Profile subscriber usage and network utilization against quotas and service level objectives. Automate billing and network policy control actions based on service definition.

Capacity Planning

Gain visibility into traffic patterns, peak congestion periods, and broadband usage patterns to make more informed decisions on network capacity investments based on trends and predictive analytics.

Subscriber Portals

Improve subscriber engagement with self-service portals and active notifications. Application modules and frameworks reduce development complexity and speed time to market for new services.

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