FCC Broadband Infrastructure Funding Compliance Reporting

Are you getting FCC funding for CAF-II, A-CAM, RDOF, RBE, Alaska Plan, or New NY Broadband?
Will you be ready for mandatory service quality reporting by 2021?

Access Fact Sheet

Many US service providers are tapping into regulatory funding to extend broadband access across the country, including FCC CAF-II (Connect America Fund), A-CAM (Alternative-Connect America Model), RBE (Rural Broadband Experiments), RDOF (Rural Digital Opportunity Fund), Alaska plan, and New NY Broadband. In exchange for receiving government funding, participating CAF Phase II Model service providers need to begin speed and latency performance beginning in 2020 or risk losing monthly funding with financial penalties.

FCC funding recipients span all tiers of operators, and many are small organizations with limited resources to manage the FCC reporting requirements and schedule. Today, many customer premise equipment (CPE) devices are unmanaged, making it difficult to comply with the FCC test strategy and reporting obligations. Service providers are faced with limited choices – hardware-based appliances that are intrusive to customers and require expensive truck rolls to install and maintain, or open-source software that requires in-house technical development.

Incognito Solution for FCC Compliance Reporting

Incognito enables participating service providers to meet FCC CAF-II, A-CAM, RDOF, RBE, Alaska plan, and New NY Broadband USAC weekly speed and latency test reporting requirements with automated and industry-proven remote device management. The Incognito Digital Experience Solution, powered by Incognito’s TR-069 Auto Configuration Server featuring User Services Platform support, can measure subscribers’ service quality by leveraging automated speed and latency testing to fine-tune your network, guarantee compliant results, and keep customers happy. Incognito’s solution is vendor and device neutral – we can manage any device type, from any vendor. The choice is yours!


Adjust device group and subscriber configuration according to your US state and speed tier business rules.


Schedule weekly test campaigns per device group with automated workflows.


Export FCC order compliant reports from ACS dashboard to view service quality test results.


Preparing for the FCC Performance Measurement Deadline



Incognito Solution Fact Sheet



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