How Service Providers Plan to Monetize Fiber

Download the Incognito sponsored section of Light Reading's Cable Fiber Outlook Survey Report for insights on the challenges operators face monetizing their fiber builds and how they can overcome these obstacles.

How can service providers harness fiber network data to drive new revenue?

The network is the heart of an operator's business, so understanding how to extract maximum value from it is key to helping them unlock new opportunities and drive additional revenue from the services they deliver.

As global operators spend billions of dollars upgrading their network with fiber technology to boost performance and increase capacity, they must now look to start monetizing their increasingly heavy fiber investments.

Creating effective monetization opportunities is essential for service providers to ensure maximum return on both capital and organizational investments in these complex times. Seeking to shed light on the fiber monetization issue, Incognito partnered with Light Reading to survey telecom executives from around the globe regarding their applications of fiber network data and how it can help them bring new value to their customers.

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The path to monetizing fiber isn't without its speed bumps as operators need to consider impacts to back-office systems, how to harness network data to make better business decisions, and implement a holistic approach to network management.


The Incognito-sponsored Fiber Monetization section of the report looks at the motivations behind operators' decisions to deploy fiber, business applications of subscriber data, fiber network operational challenges, and how new technologies, such as network virtualization, may impact the fiber monetization.

Fiber Monetization

Key Survey Findings

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Fiber deployments are being driven by the need for revenue-generating products

Introducing new services to create more value for customers emerged as operators' greatest motivation for deploying fiber. Following closely behind, nearly one-quarter of survey respondents said their company's greatest motivation was to boost revenue, while others said their goal was to gain a market advantage over their competition.

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Fiber network insights key to assuring broadband service quality

More than two-thirds of survey participants said their company needs service diagnostics and proactive network maintenance (PNM) data to effectively run their fiber network, followed by capacity planning, enforcing traffic to conform to what subscribers have ordered, and uncovering subscriber usage patterns.

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Working with multiple vendors across multiple technologies present complex challenges

Nearly half of respondents stated that having to work with multiple OLT and/or CMTS network vendors is a significant challenge to monetizing their fiber network, while over one-third cited complicated and time-consuming B/OSS integrations as a hindrance.

What's next in your fiber monetization journey?

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