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The CLI Cheat Sheet: Add a Cable Modem or MTA to the Subscriber

Published on 24 Jan 2013

Modify subscriber jdoe

The command to add new devices is then:


For example:

Add cablemodem 001122334455

The result is that a cable modem device record for the MAC 001122334455 will be created for the jdoe subscriber record.

The same command can be applied to adding an MTA device to the subscriber record:

Add mta 001122334466

The administrator can then enter the modify device view to add any client class memberships or modify any device details.

Modify cablemodem 001122334455
Set clientclasses gold

The end result is that the cable modem is now assigned to the client class gold.

Much like adding a new subscriber, several commands can be combined in one step. In this example, the administrator will first enter the subscriber modify mode, and then create a device record with membership to a certain client class.

Modify subscriber jdoe Add cablemodem cm1 001122334455 clientclasses gold description “jdoe’s cable modem”

The cable modem with the name of cm1 and a MAC address of 001122334455 will then be assigned to the subscriber jdoe, with membership assigned to the gold client class and a description of “jdoe’s cable modem”. Within the modify mode for the cable modem, there are several fields that can be Set:

CLIENTCLASSES Client class name that the device should be assigned to
CPESTATICS The number of static CPE addresses to provision for the CM
DESCRIPTION The description of the cable modem
FQDN FQDN to provision this cable modem with
MACADDRESS The MAC address of the cable modem
MAXCPE The maximum number of CPEs allocated to the cable modem (0=unlimited)
NAME Name of the cable modem
RESETTIME The epoch time to reset the modem. To immediately reset the device, enter zero. Enter ‘+’ to set the RESETTIME to the number of seconds in the future in which the device should be reset.