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The CLI Cheat Sheet: Add and modify client classes

Published on 24 Jan 2013

Add CLIENTCLASS <name> Adds a client class to the service
Addentry CLIENTCLASS <name> Adds a client class entry to the parent client class. This will define the membership to the client class.
Clone CLIENTCLASS <name> Clones the specified client class
Delentry CLIENTCLASS <name> Deletes a client class entry from the parent client class
Delete CLIENTCLASS <name> Deletes the client class
Export CLIENTCLASS <name> Exports the client class to a file
Get CLIENTCLASS <name> Gets the client class properties
List CLIENTCLASS <name> List all client classes known to the service
Listentry CLIENTCLASS <name>
Merge CLIENTCLASS <parent> <child> Merges the child client class entry to the parent client class. The child client class will be deleted from the service. Only clientclasses with compatible membership criteria can be merged.
Modify CLIENTCLASS Enters modify mode on a client class
Show CLIENTCLASS <name> Show the client class properties

There are a number of properties that can be created along with the client class or that can be changed in modify mode:

ANTIROAMING Determines if anti-roaming is enabled. Set to TRUE/YES or FALSE/NO
CLIENTDATATYPE Determines what field (in the client DHCP packet) the client membership is based on. This can be set on MACADDRESS, HOSTNAME, CIRCUITID, REMOTEID, CLIENTID, DHCPOPTIONDATA or DHCPSUBSCIBERID
DNSSERVERV4 The IPv4 address of the DDNS server
DDNSSERVERV6 The IPv6 address of the DDNS server
DEFAULTIPLIMIT Default IP limit per Remote or Circuit ID
DESCRIPTION Description of the client class
DHCPOPTIONNUMBER Specifies which DHCP option client class membership is based on
INHERITDNSSETTINGSv4 Determines whether DDNS settings should be inherited from another template. Set to TRUE/YES or FALSE/NO
IPLIMITFIELD Determines what client field IP limiting is based on
IPSHUFFLING Determines if IP shuffling is enabled
NAME Client Class name
PRIORITY Client Class priority
QOS Determines if this client class can be used as a QoS qualifier
UNPROVISIONEDDEVICES Determines if this client class is un-provisioned. Set to TRUE/YES or FALSE/NO

Note that there are parameters that can be set here in relation to DHCP option settings, which will be covered later in this document.

An example of adding a client class with multiple parameters:

Add clientclass "Default CM Settings" description "Settings that apply to all cable modems" clientdatatype dhcpoptiondata dhcpoptionnumber 60 priority 500 qos no ipshuffling no antiroaming yes

The end result is that a new client class named “Default CM Settings” with a description of “settings that apply to all cable modems” has been created. The membership of this client class is based on DHCPOPTION data, and specifically the DHCPOPTIONNUMBER was set to 60 (client ID). The priority of the client class is 500, the client class is not a Quality of Service (QoS) client class, IP shuffling is disabled, and anti-roaming is enabled.