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Maximizing Client Satisfaction with Home Network Management

By Incognito on April, 8 2014

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Think about it — the average household today has 10 IP-connected devices and this is expected to increase to 50 by 2022. Managing and monitoring these devices will become increasingly difficult for subscribers and operators alike. For example, while a technically-savvy subscriber may have no problem managing the devices on their home network, less savvy subscribers often turn to customer support for help, driving up support call costs and subscriber wait times.

The key to reducing this problem is to simplify self-management and empower your subscribers. Why not offer them a simple, easy-to-use portal where they can gain insight into their network?

We’ve been working on a subscriber portal for managing devices within the customer premises. This portal leverages the power of the Broadband Forum’s TR-069 family of protocols to provide a self-service, online portal where subscribers can manage their own devices, perform basic diagnostics and troubleshooting, and modify certain wireless parameters — regardless of their technical knowhow.

Depending on the devices that they own, a subscriber may even be able to set up and modify parental controls — such as time and day restrictions or website blocking on specific devices. As a web-based service, this portal can be accessed from anywhere, giving subscribers the ability to control their network even when they are not at home.

Simplifying this process will help improve the user experience — and at the end of the day, that should be your goal. Find out more about the self-service portal by downloading the fact sheet here.

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