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Incognito Software Systems Inc. provides service orchestration software and services that help digital service providers manage the next-generation broadband experience. Founded 30 years ago, Incognito has over 200 customers worldwide, including Claro, Cox, Digicel, Globe, and Orange, leveraging its solutions to fast-track the introduction of innovative broadband services over fiber, cable, fixed wireless technologies, while delivering a great customer experience. The company is a division of the Lumine Group, a portfolio of Constellation Software Inc., the largest independent software company in Canada.
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Best Practices Service Orchestration DOCSIS

10G Business Fiber Services Made Easy with Incognito and Vecima
By Incognito on October 16, 2023

Cable operators seeking 10G business services using PON are often faced with concerns over fiber plant exhaustion, back-office integration, optical service reach, and service assurance in...

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News and Awards Events Service Orchestration

Revolutionizing SMB Connectivity: Converged Access with ODA Catalyst
By Incognito on October 3, 2023

In today's digitally connected landscape, customers' expectations have transformed. They not only demand the latest services and fastest speeds but also the guarantee and assurance of those...

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General Service Orchestration

Incognito's Commitment to CSPs Recognized in Gartner's Market Guide
By Incognito on September 28, 2023

In a fast-paced digital landscape, communication service providers (CSPs) are continually seeking cutting-edge solutions to streamline operations, enhance service delivery, and adapt to...

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News and Awards Device Management

How Incognito's Award-Winning DX Solution Elevates Your Experience
By Incognito on September 15, 2023

Who doesn't love getting an award? Here at Incognito, we definitely do. Why, though? Beyond the glow of somebody saying, "job well done," why do we celebrate our award wins?

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Best Practices General

The Challenges and Opportunities Operators at Different Levels Face
By Incognito on May 12, 2023

It can be hard to keep up with the fast-growing, fast-moving, and highly competitive telecom industry. The industry's global nature, encompassing players located in every market and region...

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News and Awards General Service Orchestration DOCSIS

Uruguay's Broadband Market Opens Up: Achieve Success with Incognito
By Incognito on March 21, 2023

In our connected world, subscribers have come to think of their Internet connection as another utility – something that should be there whenever they need or want it. However, to attract...

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News and Awards General

Awards Received by Incognito Software Systems in 2022
By Incognito on December 23, 2022

It's that time of year when everything seems to sparkle, and celebration is in the air. Here at Incognito, we're grateful for the year we've had. By working with customers, industry bodies,...

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Network Analytics

Optimizing Network Resources for Maximum Profitability | MAP Proactive
By Incognito on November 22, 2022

Introduction The first two posts in this series have highlighted the Monetize and Act modules of Incognito's award-winning Network Monetization and Analytics Platform (MAP).

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Network Analytics

Optimizing Network Resources for Maximum Profitability | MAP Act
By Incognito on November 14, 2022

Introduction As those who read the first post in this series may already know, Incognito's Network Monetization and Analytics Platform is a centralized platform spanning multiple...

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Network Analytics

Optimizing Network Resources for Maximum Profitability | MAP Monetize
By Incognito on November 3, 2022

Introduction Service providers have a wealth of subscriber data in their networks; however, capturing that data and using it to optimize service delivery is complicated. Incognito makes...

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