Incognito Solutions

Orchestration software solutions that help digital service providers around the world manage the next-generation broadband experience.

Incognito provides service orchestration software and services solutions that help cable, fiber, and fixed wireless internet service providers manage the next-generation broadband experience. With over 30 years of experience, we’ve helped global providers like Globe, Orange, and Digicel accelerate and innovate in-home broadband services. What sets Incognito apart? We offer a modular productized suite of software platforms that can be deployed in weeks, bringing extensive automation to reduce operational costs and improve the customer experience.

Incognito Software Systems

Broadband Solutions

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Digital Experience

Manage the full lifecycle of network devices, introduce new digital self-care, automate customer care problem detection, and empower network engineering and operations with diagnostics and analytics to accelerate Wi-Fi problem resolution.

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Analyzing operations
DX Activate

Operators require more automation from their back-office systems to support fiber network growth. DX Activate offers a single platform that addresses service activation, device lifecycle management, and subscriber connectivity issues.

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IoT technology
Unified Enterprise IoT Platform

Incognito offers a productized IoT solution that features integrated device, service, and data management capabilities with a horizontal multi-tenant infrastructure to enable mass IoT adoption and monetization.

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Orchestration for Fiber

Incognito's productized solution accelerates service activation and device lifecycle management for next-generation IP services over fiber.

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Orchestration for Cable

Reduce OPEX with automation, optimize DOCSIS investments, and deliver a great in-home experience with Incognito's orchestration solution for cable.

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Orchestration for FWA

Offer a great broadband experience over fixed wireless technology and reduce operational costs with process automation and digital channels.

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Prepaid broadband
Prepaid Broadband

Incognito’s prepaid broadband solution enables service providers to launch complex prepaid and on-demand broadband services and drive new revenue using automated end-to-end processes.

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Widgets solution
Self-Care Widgets

Incognito's widgets can augment existing customer portals or provide new functions within a mobile application, giving home users access to technical self-care tools to solve common network issues.

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FCC Performance Testing

Incognito's compliance reporting solution enables service providers to meet FCC weekly network speed and latency test reporting requirements with automated and industry-proven remote device management.

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Industry Awards

Incognito Industry Recognition

Leading Lights Logo 2022

Incognito has been named an Editor's Choice Award Winner in this year’s Light Reading Leading Lights Awards. Our recognition as an Outstanding Test & Measurement Vendor showcases our innovative approach to providing network performance, analytics, and assurance solutions.

Global Telecoms Awards 2022

Incognito's Digital Experience Solution was named a finalist in the Fixed Network Evolution category for its KPI Analytics capabilities, and ability to help service providers deliver high-quality levels of service and unlock new revenue streams/business models.

TM Forum Logo

Incognito was an active participant in the 'Converged Access for ODA' Catalyst project which was awarded the 2022 TM Forum Catalyst award for Best New Catalyst in Show

CSI Award Winner 2022

Incognito's Digital Experience Solution has been awarded the 2022 CSI Magazine Award for Best Customer Premise Technology for its ability to help service providers deliver smart home services.


Incognito's DX Solution, for its KPI Analytics (4.5 Diamonds) and smart home services delivery (4.0 Diamonds), as well as Broadband Command Center (3.5 Diamonds), were recognized as top solutions available in the broadband industry by BTR.


Incognito's Unified Enterprise IoT Platform has received a 2022 IoT Evolution Industrial IoT Product of the Year Award from IoT Evolution World.

Incognito Benefits

Power of the Suite

Incognito benefits

Holistic Approach

Management, provisioning, and fulfillment back by comprehensive analytics and automation.

Incognito benefits

Multiple Use Cases

Use case extensibility through pre-integration, including zero-touch provisioning, device lifecycle management, and service fulfillment.

Incognito benefits

Productized Offerings

Incognito's productized approach offers a time-to-market advantage of weeks versus months or years.

Incognito benefits

Ease of Integration

Non-disruptive with legacy back-office systems, while also offering an extensive adaptor library.

Incognito benefits


Incognito's solutions support and manage any device from any vendor.

Incognito benefits

Any Network and Service

Offers comprehensive support for any access technology including fiber, cable, and fixed wireless.