Network engineering and operations teams continue to face time-to-market pressures for new offerings. In today’s multi-vendor, multi-technology environment, this involves significant integration to legacy systems, new vendor equipment types to onboard, and new business processes to implement, which impacts the speed at which services can be launched. Legacy operational support systems (OSS) have become a significant barrier to getting the job done.

Many CSPs are revisiting the need for multi-year, expensive transformations, in favour of productized software platforms that can integrate with legacy systems and bring much-needed tools for digital channels and operational automation.

Incognito offers productized orchestration platforms that accelerate time to value - faster time to deploy, faster time to market, with automation to reduce OPEX and improve service agility.

Incognito offers a productized suite of modular software platforms that provide a holistic approach to end-to-end orchestration of residential broadband services. Our solutions deliver proven value to customers – such as Orange, Digicel, Globe, Claro, and Cox – supporting residential broadband services over fiber, fixed wireless access, and cable.

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Service orchestration including activation, resource management, and business process management

Comprehensive DOCSIS provisioning with Broadband Command Center -carrier-grade IP resource management including DHCP and IPAM

Integration with third-party cloud management systems enables flexible service bundling of OTT and CSP services

Prevent fraud and theft of service with Lawful Intercept and Firmware Management

Extensive remote device management and digital care channels with Digital Experience Solution - TR-069, TR-369, SNMP, and MQTT (IoT) protocols

Optimize network resources, proactively address congestion, improve service quality, automate network actions, and uncover new market opportunitie withMonetization & Analytics Platform

Accelerate provisioning, activation, and lifecycle management of in-home broadband devices and services

Time-to-market advantage with solutions that are deployed in months/weeks opposed to years, allowing you to get ahead of your competition

Unique use cases support through pre-integration across the Incognito suite—like zero-touch provisioning

Service agility with extensive process automation, powered by analytics and ease of service bundling of any combination of IP services

Extensive integration adapters for legacy systems support, and protocol support to enable new lines of business, such as enterprise IoT device management and telemetry

Proven vendor-neutral pedigree that gives you the flexibility to bring in new vendors, or replace existing ones


The future is fiber – Incognito can get you there faster.


Reduce OPEX with automation, optimize DOCSIS investments, and deliver a great in-home experience.

Fixed Wireless Access

Leverage proven technology for in-home broadband over mobile.