Putting the ICE back in the Fridge

By Incognito on April, 22 2016

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Incognito” — clearly because it’s our event.

Community” —  reflects the community of people who use or benefit from our products, solutions, or services.

And “Exchange” — the sharing of knowledge that we want to facilitate between everyone at the event.

The last two words are important to us. Community exchange drives the conversations that we want to spark, not just between the Incognito team and attendees, but also between attendees themselves. This starts up top with the selection of key industry trends and topics that are relevant to the audience. This year, we narrowed topics down to three themes: Fiber, Virtualization, and WiFi. These themes were also the main banners for the roundtable session, in which participants would break out into the groups where they felt most comfortable to gain insight and share opinions.

The conversations continued beyond the roundtable into various breaks and meals at ICE. The key here is our presence in driving the discussions home. Of course, it helps that attendees share many things in common — industry and some familiarity with our solutions. But we want them to meet other service providers out there so that they can exchange ideas and perhaps gain knowledge that might help them solve a challenge or two.

So as we wind down this year’s edition of ICE, we’d like to think that we have accomplished this event based on the conversations that have been spilling over into breaks and the exchange of business cards between attendees. Seeing an attendee gain inspiration from a conversation with a peer makes us feel like we’ve brought a community together. We hope to continue this trend at the next ICE and all those that follow.

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