Rapid Modernization and Reduced Fraud

Discover why a leading cable provider chose Incognito to help them reduce subscriber fraud and modernize their network with IPv6

Fearless reinvention and a passion for innovation push this top five service provider to constantly measure, re-evaluate, and modernize their network. Driven by aging legacy systems and a loss of skilled expertise, our customer chose Broadband Command Center (BCC) as their DOCSIS provisioning platform to move rapidly to IPv6, prevent subscriber fraud, and solve key technical challenges.

The Customer

As one of the largest service providers in North America, this customer provides a variety of in-home, commercial, and mobile services. Ranging from sophisticated set-top box (STB) entertainment experiences to high-speed fiber, they meet the need of today's subscribers through a commitment to continuous innovation and a promise to supply their workforce with best-in-class, client-focused tools.

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The Business Challenges

Market pressures have never been greater, as consumers spend more time online and choose their service providers very carefully. Likewise, providers must select vendors that can support their long-term needs as part of an overall technology strategy:

Cable operators are simultaneously in an enviable yet complex position. Enviable in the sense that there is an ever-growing range of technologies available to help them ensure that they remain at the forefront of increasing speeds, growing bandwidth, and improving the customer experience. Complex, because they need to choose the right technologies, now and in the future, to meet the demands of use-cases and business landscapes that are evolving at ever-faster speeds.

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The search for a new DOCSIS provisioning solution had the following goals:

  • Support carrier-grade IPv6, multimedia terminal adapters (MTA), and DOCSIS 3.1
  • Reduce subscriber fraud with strong security features
  • Replace in-house expertise with equivalent or better vendor support
  • Resolve network device synchronization issues

The Solution

The service provider evaluated and chose Incognito's Broadband Command Center, an end-to-end device provisioning and management solution that accelerates the rollout of multi-standard and secure technologies. This selection resulted in significant improvements over their legacy system:

  • A stable, high-performance provisioning platform that's future-proofed against new and evolving standards
  • Anti-fraud features to prevent modem cloning
  • Trusted, expert relationship between vendor and customer
  • Lower total cost of ownership (TCO)

The Benefits

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Championing the technology

Supporting modernization and the move to IPv6 was critical to the customer's roadmap, resulting in a careful evaluation of BCC's product capabilities and support experience. "As we were used to doing this in-house, we needed a high level of confidence in the technical capabilities and support skills of our provisioning vendor," explained the customer's principal engineer. "Unlike our existing DOCSIS solution and the other vendors, Incognito proved themselves with the features we needed out of the box, like streamlined MTA configuration at large scale, and their support team was very impressive. I quickly became the Incognito champion within our network engineering group, moving the BCC solution forward and advocating for its use."

The team also wanted reasonable assurance on the staying power of the solution. "The Incognito team demonstrated their commitment to our success, with a clear investment roadmap into product research and development and an unlimited licensing model that guarantees our access to major upgrades," said the principal engineer.

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Improving security

With smarter consumers comes more sophisticated attempts by fraudsters looking to bypass access controls to steal service. In their latest survey, the Communications Fraud Control Association estimates over $3B USD in losses to subscription fraud and device/hardware reselling.

Service theft was top of mind for our customer and they looked to BCC to reduce the threat of revenue and reputational losses through cloned cable modems. Their principal engineer explains, "Subscribers want to trust our services as much as we want to protect our revenue, so Incognito's ability to support our anti-fraud efforts was a major differentiator. On top of the features built into DOCSIS, BCC gave us security benefits like dynamic file generation, MAC spoofing detection, and denial of service (DoS) prevention, plus reporting on potential rogue devices to help us make better decisions."


These features proved themselves after the cutover from their legacy system to BCC. "We did before and after reporting on our network and saw a massive 90% reduction in cloned modems thanks to Incognito," said the principal engineer. "This translates to significant risk reductions in revenue and reputation, as the number of potential fraud vectors was nearly eliminated."

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Resolving a critical issue

Like most providers, this customer uses a high-availability (HA) architecture for their network, including DHCP deployment. Due to issues in configuration with their legacy process, there were problems synching IPv6 lease data between the DHCP server and network devices, causing issues with address renewals and re-assignment. "The database simply wouldn't synch leases with a number of devices, impacting the stability of our HA operations with subscribers. Once we moved to BCC's fully distributed DHCP deployment model, those issues went away, letting the system service leases without interruption."

Determined to build on their success with BCC, the customer now looks toward future innovations with the platform. "We're considering mapping of address and ports using translation (MAP-T) deployments to optimize our IPv4 and IPv6 network operations, among other initiatives. Incognito's unique product and licensing models will make this transition easier by lowering the technical and cost barriers to competitive evolution."

Why Incognito?

With spending on passive optical networks (PON), cable broadband equipment, and fixed wireless customer-premise equipment (CPE) expected to reach $95B by 2026, Incognito is ready to provide the support necessary to accelerate rollout, optimize quality of experience, and streamline operational costs to better differentiate in highly-competitive environments.

Visit our solution page to learn more about Incognito's award-winning Broadband Command Center and how it simplifies DOCSIS provisioning to assure frictionless rollout and service delivery.

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