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What's needed to capitalize on new IoT business opportunities?

Incognito partnered with to sponsor the IoT section of their 2019 Annual Industry Survey which uncovers the top opportunities for enterprise IoT, the business models and offerings which will be most prevalent in the market, and perceptions around which device management functions are seen as critical to ensuring IoT service quality.

IoT is set to have a significant impact on vertical industries through its ability to improve operations with automation and data-driven insights. The report highlights that IoT providers who can move up the value chain beyond connectivity to offer end-to-end solutions are the most likely to capitalize on the enterprise IoT revolution.

The 2019 survey garnered over 400 responses globally from telecom professionals primarily working in management or engineering roles to get their thoughts and perspectives on the following questions surrounding IoT:

  • Who is leading the IoT strategy within CSPs today?
  • Which IoT offering models from CSPs do you expect to see in the market?
  • Where is the greatest IoT opportunity?
  • Which types of partners are best suited to support the IoT initiatives of CSPs? Annual Industry Survey 2019

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IoT is happening now.

46% of respondents have already invested in IoT applications/services, while another 30% will invest in the next 12-24 months.

Already started
to invest in IoT

- 46% -
Planning to invest
in the next
12-24 months

- 30% -

Q: Has your company launched IoT applications/services or is this part of your future strategy?

Where are the opportunities?

Smart cities, utilities, and industrial/manufacturing are highlighted as the top three areas of opportunity for CSPs.

Smart cities – 333
Utilities – 256
Industrial or manufacturing – 251
Security – 216
Agriculture – 201
Connected cars – 193

Q: Where do you see the greatest IoT opportunity other than home automation? (choose all that apply)

IoT offering models will continue to develop.

The “connectivity only” model garnered 33% of responses, while IoT platforms for applications (54%) and purpose-built applications (55%) are seen to be the models that will dominate.

End-to-end business applications – 228
IoT application enablement platforms – 224
Connectivity for IoT applications – 137
Wholesale/syndication with another CSP – 81

Q: Which IoT offering models from CSPs do you expect to see in the market within the next two years? (choose all that apply)

Automated device management will play a primary role in ensuring service quality.

Zero-touch provisioning, automated device discovery, and automated diagnostics and fault management lead the way for device management functions seen as critical to driving service quality and operational efficiency.


Business Intelligence


Vendor Neutrality


Remote Management



Q: Which device management functions do you see as critical to IoT service quality and operational efficiency? (choose all that apply)

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