Managing the Connected Home with User Services Platform (USP) TR-369

Insights on the next-gen device management and data collection protocol that enables better management of connected devices and smart home services.

What is TR-369 USP?

User Services Platform (USP) TR-369 is an evolution of the Broadband Forum's CPE WAN Management Protocol (CWMP), commonly known as TR-069, with new functionality supporting real-time monitoring, telemetry, and bulk statistics collection for big data processing, as well as enhanced remote management, service provisioning, and configuration of connected devices.

USP provides the platform to support the introduction of next-generation TR-369 devices and related services like managed Wi-Fi, mass telemetry, virtualized applications, and IoT.

What benefits does USP offer?

Today, service providers face mounting pressure to improve the quality of experience in the home Wi-Fi network and find ways to deliver new value-added services to customers.

TR-369 USP offers a faster, scalable, and more secure way of managing the lifecycle of connected devices to ensure a quality user experience, regardless of protocol or device type. As a result, USP is more efficient in decreasing complexity, enhancing performance for connected home environments, and supporting virtualized technologies to enable new offerings.

Incognito Insights

User Services Platform Resources

USP Smart Home Living Room
TR-369 User Services Platform FAQ

Explore the latest on the TR-369 User Services Platform standard, how to get started, and what's driving interest from global broadband service providers.

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Delighting Subscribers with USP
Webinar: Strategies for CSPs to Delight Customers

Watch the on-demand recording of Incognito's webinar presentation exploring how User Services Platform (USP) deployments are revolutionizing the subscriber experience through innovative services and actionable analytics.

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The Future of the Connected Home Report 2023

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Discover the latest trends and insights that are shaping the future of the connected home in the 2023 Future of the Connected Home report, sponsored by Incognito. Uncover key findings on new broadband value-added services, areas of future investment, and the role of open-source frameworks and industry standards in delivering optimized Wi-Fi.

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Incognito Insights

Incognito and TR-369 User Services Platform

Incognito USP solution

Incognito Digital Experience Solution

Incognito's Digital Experience (DX) Solution offers a unified approach to device and Wi-Fi management leveraging a hybrid architecture featuring our award-winning TR-069 Auto Configuration Server (ACS) with TR-369 User Services Platform (USP) controller support based on the Broadband Forum's specifications.

Incognito's solution equips service providers with the tools to conquer the connected home by helping them proactively monitor and manage service quality, deploy virtualized services directly onto residential gateways and set-top-boxes, and cut down operational support costs.

With Incognito, service providers can maximize their investments in common tools across ACS and USP – self-care tools, service quality management, and KPI analytics – and deliver managed services using virtualized containers.

USP Services Image

Delivering Smart Home Services

While developing a highly efficient Wi-Fi network is critical, service providers must also invest and innovate around broadband services to improve the customer experience and drive ARPU. Incognito's USP solution enables operators to build a competitive advantage and further monetize the connected home by rapidly launching app-based smart home services on residential gateways and set-top boxes.

Incognito's USP controller avoids device firmware upgrades and agent-based device approaches, speeding the deployment of value-added services from months to minutes. One advantage of working with Incognito is our ready-to-deploy services thanks to our partnerships with leading USP ecosystem vendors. Incognito integrates with third-party application vendors through our app catalog to launch value-added services like Wi-Fi traffic prioritization, network security, and more.

Choose Incognito for USP

Why Choose Incognito for USP?

Incognito brings the right solutions and expertise to help service providers achieve their business goals. We offer access to knowledgeable technology experts and the connections to build a thriving USP ecosystem thanks to our established relationships with device and application vendors.

Incognito is an active member of the Broadband Forum and is a leader in the definition of the TR-369 USP standard. With Incognito's Digital Experience Solution, operators can gain an early market advantage with TR-369 USP, begin to develop premium smart home offerings for their customers, and explore commercial production with application and device vendors.

With over 30 years of industry experience, Incognito is at the forefront of innovation when it comes to automated broadband OSS solutions. Our DX solution is trusted by global fixed and mobile operators to meet their TR-369 device management needs and is deployed on over 20 million devices.

Incognito Digital Experience Solution Overview

TR-369 User Services Platform

Incognito Insights

Incognito Solution Benefits

Incognito USP Benefits

Vendor-agnostic Approach

Incognito's USP platform works with any TR-369 device while offering a hybrid architecture to support the TR-069 standard and devices.

Incognito USP Benefits

Carrier-grade USP Controller

Incognito's solution provides fully integrated USP agent and controller logic, empowering operators to remotely manage both software and hardware without the need for device agent-based solutions.

Incognito USP Benefits

Real-time Analytics

Deliver an exceptional Wi-Fi experience with always-on, real-time communication to devices. Proactively monitor and optimize Wi-Fi network and device performance, automate issue resolution, and gain insights into service quality.

Incognito USP Benefits

Launch Value-added Services

Incognito helps launch new revenue-generating services by seamlessly deploying third-party virtualized applications directly on gateways and STBs, and managing them using a full-featured USP controller.

Incognito USP Benefits

Multi-tenancy Support

Incognito's innovative solution provides robust multi-tenancy capabilities, enabling operators with many organizations and/or business customers to efficiently manage operations on a centralized infrastructure while maintaining strict data separation.

Incognito USP Benefits

Multi-protocol Support

Incognito's solution offers dual-stack support for both TR-069 and TR-369 protocols, helping operators transition to next-generation technologies while continuing to leverage existing investments.


Incognito Insights

Leading Use Cases for USP

Managing Connected Devices
Wi-Fi Telemetry
Managed Wi-Fi
Real-time IPTV Management
Wi-Fi Traffic Prioritization
Network Security

Operator Challenge

Between IoT applications and Wi-Fi mesh solutions, the number of connected devices in the home network is rapidly increasing, amplifying the need for real-time and scalable remote device management.

USP Solution

Incognito's USP solution implements always-on communication, which significantly reduces the number of messages sent across a network. Binary data encoding using protocol buffers and relative path usage significantly decreases the size of messages that are sent across the network.

USP Device Management

Operator Challenge

There is increasing pressure on service providers to improve the quality of experience in the home Wi-Fi network. This requires proactive tools and performance analytics to keep subscribers happy.

USP Solution

Once home Wi-Fi network data has been collected, Incognito's solution enables service providers to analyze and act on real-time deep-edge intelligence to deliver personalized services to subscribers and improve customer care applications.

USP Analytics

Operator Challenge

With the volume of inbound support calls to customer care related to technical issues happening in the home Wi-Fi network on the rise, the pressure is on service providers to improve the home user experience while reducing operational costs.

USP Solution

Incognito provides both end-users and service providers with the ability to view, manage, and troubleshoot connected devices for standards-based Wi-Fi optimization, improving the in-home network experience.

USP Managed Wi-Fi

Operator Challenge

Ensuring high-quality IPTV services and delivering a wide variety of revenue-generating apps to their customers on set-top boxes (STB) using third-party content.

USP Solution

With Incognito's USP solution, service providers can manage STBs and virtual applications, gain real-time insights into IPTV performance, and rapidly launch apps using its Software Module Management capabilities.

USP IPTV Management

Operator Challenge

Prioritize applications and devices within the Wi-Fi network when there are multiple services, such as video conference calls and video gaming, and connected devices using bandwidth, some require priority over others.

USP Solution

Incognito's solution integrates with application and hardware vendors for real-time QoE control to prioritize applications or devices using Incognito's Software Module Management capabilities.

USP Wi-Fi traffic prioritization

Operator Challenge

Protect subscribers within the connected home against the latest online threats, block malicious websites, and secure all smart devices from cyber-attacks.

USP Solution

Incognito's solution integrates with application and hardware vendors to block malicious websites and other threats, securing all smart devices against cyber-attacks. Residential gateway routers are automatically updated using Incognito's Software Module Management to protect the network against all online threats with new security features.

USP network security

Download Incognito's TR-369 USP Solution Overview

Ready to harness the power of USP today? Discover how Incognito's DX solution helps streamline operations and deliver an exceptional subscriber experience by taking full advantage of next-generation TR-369 with a unified ACS and USP device management platform.

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