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Incognito offers its insights on TR-369 User Services Platform, the Broadband Forum's next-generation device management and data collection protocol, and the evolution of the managed user experience.

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What is TR-369 User Services Platform (USP)

What is User Services Platform?


The User Services Platform (USP) TR-369 is an evolution of the Broadband Forum's CPE WAN Management Protocol (CWMP), commonly known as TR-069, with critical new functionality supporting real-time monitoring, telemetry, and bulk statistics collection for big data processing, as well as enhanced remote management, service provisioning, and configuration of connected devices.


USP provides the platform to support the introduction of next-generation TR-369 devices and related IP services like wireless meshes, smart-home automation, customer self-care, and IoT.

What USP offers global service providers


Today, service providers face mounting pressure to improve the quality of experience in the home Wi-Fi network and find ways to deliver new value-added services to customers.


The new TR-369 USP standard offers a faster, scalable, and more secure way of managing the lifecycle of connected devices to ensure a quality user experience, regardless of protocol or device type. As a result, USP is more efficient in decreasing complexity, enhancing performance for connected home environments, and supporting virtualized technologies to enable new offerings.

Industry Report on the Future of the Connected Home


The connected home has become an integral part of the broadband network, and establishing reliable performance and innovating service offerings around it will be key factors in operators' differentiation and revenue generation strategies. The Broadband Forum’s User Services Platform (USP) standard is vital to this success as it was designed to help deploy, implement, and manage all aspects of the in-home Wi-Fi network.


A new report commissioned by the Broadband Forum and sponsored by Incognito provides a comprehensive view of the latest trends and developments surrounding the connected home and USP. Download the report to learn how operators are managing complexity within the connected home, new business opportunities enabled by USP, and how open standards can enable a better-connected world.

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Improving quality of experience

The report revealed that service providers are now actively investing more in the home network to address consumer dissatisfaction surrounding home Wi-Fi-related issues, which now accounts for up to 60% of all inbound customer service calls and is the leading driver behind customer churn.

By improving control over the home network, service providers have been able to boost their Net Promotor Scores (NPS) by as much as 40 points, reduce service calls by up to 60%, reduce truck rolls by up to 30%, and increase the number of customers subscribed to premium broadband tiers by 45%.

USP Services Image

Premium value-added services

While developing a highly efficient Wi-Fi network is imperative, service providers also need to invest and innovate around broadband services to improve the customer experience and drive ARPU.

When it comes to delivering new value-added services to customers, the top priorities are applications that deliver online protection, network security, parental controls, speed tests, and app catalogs, while remote technical support and application prioritization controls follow closely behind. Given people's increasingly remote lifestyle, applications that provide more control over the in-home Wi-Fi network have become crucial. Operators can build a competitive advantage by rapidly launching app-based smart home services on residential gateways and set-top boxes to monetize the connected home further.

USP use cases image

Top use cases around USP

The report highlighted that for service providers to overcome industry fragmentation and take advantage of new revenue-generating opportunities, new open standards are a must. The advent of User Services Platform (USP) stands to be a game-changer for the broadband industry.

According to service providers, the top use cases that will be enabled by USP technology are managed Wi-Fi services and Wi-Fi optimization, virtualized services running on CPE devices, and smart home/IoT managed services. Over 75% of service providers surveyed said they plan to implement USP into their networks within the next 12 months.

Incognito Insights

Leading Use Cases for USP

Managing connected devices
Big data telemetry
Managed Wi-Fi
Real-time IPTV QoE
Wi-Fi slicing
Network security

Challenge operators face

Between IoT applications and Wi-Fi mesh solutions, the number of connected devices in the home network is rapidly increasing, amplifying the need for real-time and scalable remote device management.

USP solution

USP implements always-on communication which significantly reduces the number of messages sent across a network. Binary data encoding using protocol buffers and relative path usage significantly decreases the size of messages that are sent across the network.

USP Device Management

Challenge operators face

There is increasing pressure on service providers to improve the quality of experience in the home Wi-Fi network. This requires proactive tools and performance analytics to keep subscribers happy.

USP solution

Once home Wi-Fi network data has been collected, service providers have the opportunity to analyze and act on real-time deep edge intelligence to deliver personalized services to subscribers and improve customer care applications.

USP Analytics

Challenge operators face

With the volume of inbound support calls to customer care related to technical issues happening in the home Wi-Fi network on the rise, the pressure is on service providers to improve the home user experience while reducing operational costs.

USP solution

USP provides both end-users and service providers with the ability to view, manage, and troubleshoot connected devices for standards-based Wi-Fi optimization, improving the in-home network experience.

USP Managed Services

Challenge operators face

Ensuring user experience of IPTV services in the connected home and providing other ARPU-generating apps to quickly rollout STBs with third-party content.

USP solution

TR-369 USP management of STBs and apps, real-time IPTV performance measurements, rapid launch using USP software module management (SMM) of app catalog.

Stream IPTV

Challenge operators face

How to prioritize applications and devices within the Wi-Fi network when there are multiple services, such as video conference calls and video gaming, and connected devices using bandwidth.

USP solution

Integration with application and OEM vendors for real-time QoE control to prioritize applications or devices using USP software module management (SMM).

Wi-Fi Gaming

Challenge operators face

How can all smart devices be protected within the home?

USP solution

USP integrates with application and OEM vendors to block malicious websites and other threats, securing all smart devices against cyber-attacks. Residential gateway routers are automatically updated using USP SMM (software module management) to ensure the network is protected against all online threats with new security features.

Network Security

For Network Operations Teams

Managing the connected home and improving the customer experience

For Product and Innovation Teams

Unlocking new revenue streams with value-added services

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