Automated Firmware Management


Reduce the risk of fraud and improve the customer experience.

Incognito Software Systems Inc's Firmware Management automates end-to-end firmware orchestration processes for any cable device. Ensure a great in-home broadband experience with a secure network, up-to-date subscriber devices, while reducing risk of fraud. Our vendor device neutral solution provides fully featured firmware management:

  • Leverages automation to minimize manual, error-prone processes and accelerate updates
  • Pre-configured firmware management recipes can be modified to meet business needs, or accelerate campaigns
  • Flexible campaign scheduling, including targeting specific gateways and provisioning clusters
  • Micro-services design supports horizontal scaling on-demand
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Automated device discovery.

  • Enables light-weight approach to building device inventory in real time
  • Provides complete device information across all provisioning clusters
  • Enables automatic discovery of problematic devices with missing information
  • Highlights number of active devices requiring firmware update

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Automated firmware campaigns.

  • Based on configurable criteria such as incoming device reboots, renewals
  • Enables configurable re-tries per campaign and default value defined service-wide to ensure campaign success
  • Supports on-boot firmware updates for new or existing devices
  • Offers real-time statistics of devices succeeded/failed
  • Flexible window scheduling reduces operational overhead, with ability to pause/resume campaigns

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Detect fraud and avoid revenue leakage.

  • Locate and identify cloned devices
  • Compare credentials against birth certificate to help identify fraudulent modems

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Comprehensive statistics and reporting.

  • Real-time view into the progress of firmware update campaigns
  • Highlights error codes, error messages for failed updates to accelerate fixes
  • Faster troubleshooting means minimizing customer downtime

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Targeted campaigns.

  • Run against certain provisioning clusters or specific gateways
  • Target devices based on configurable tags for service classes, regions, and any customized information that the service provider requires
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