Automated Firmware Management

Reduce the risk of fraud and improve the customer experience with Incognito's automated firmware management solution.

Improve customer experience and reduce the risk of fraud with Incognito's vendor-device-neutral solution, which automates end-to-end firmware orchestration processes for any cable device. We meet your needs with modifiable pre-configured firmware management recipes and flexible campaign scheduling while leveraging automation to minimize error-prone manual processes and accelerate updates.

Platform Overview

Incognito's Firmware Management automates end-to-end device firmware orchestration processes for any cable device. Ensure a great in-home broadband experience with a secure network and up-to-date subscriber devices while reducing the risk of fraud. Our vendor device-neutral solution provides fully featured firmware management:

  • Leverages automation to minimize manual, error-prone processes and accelerate updates for any firmware version
  • Pre-configured firmware management recipes can be modified to meet business needs, or accelerate campaigns
  • Flexible campaign scheduling, including targeting specific gateways and provisioning clusters
  • Micro-services design supports horizontal scaling on-demand
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Cable fraud prevention

Firmware Management

Features and Benefits

Automated device discovery.

  • Enables light-weight approach to building device inventory in real-time
  • Provides complete device information across all provisioning clusters
  • Enables automatic discovery of problematic devices with missing information
  • Highlights number of active devices requiring a firmware update

Automated firmware campaigns.

  • Based on configurable criteria such as incoming device reboots, renewals
  • Enables configurable re-tries per campaign and default value defined service-wide to ensure campaign success
  • Supports on-boot firmware updates for new or existing devices
  • Offers real-time statistics of devices that succeeded/failed
  • Flexible window scheduling reduces operational overhead, with the ability to pause/resume campaigns

Detect fraud and avoid revenue leakage.

  • Locate and identify cloned devices
  • Compare credentials against birth certificate to help identify fraudulent modems

Comprehensive statistics and reporting.

  • Real-time view into the progress of firmware update campaigns
  • Highlights error codes, error messages for failed updates to accelerate fixes
  • Faster troubleshooting means minimizing customer downtime

Targeted campaigns.

  • Run against certain provisioning clusters or specific gateways
  • Target devices based on configurable tags for service classes, regions, and any customized information that the service provider requires

Firmware Management

Key Capabilities

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Reduced Risk of Fraud

Cuts risk of revenue leakage by detecting cloned modems across the network and customizing fraud management approach.

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Streamlined Operations

Automates processes based on configurable criteria, provides statistics, notifications, and reports, facilitates campaign management, and offers flexible window scheduling.

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On-boot Firmware Updates

Reduces burden on customer care and avoids high costs of updating devices on the wrong version of firmware by using a plug-and-play approach to create on-boot firmware campaigns.

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Central Lease Management

Streamlines tracking by keeping detailed lease inventory and history across the network in a central repository with zero impact on DHCP overhead.

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Lawful Intercept

Simplifies compliance with easy and quick lawful intercept inquiry processing.

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Real-time Statistics

Minimizes downtime by offering a real-time view into firmware update campaign progress, and accelerated fixes/troubleshooting through highlighted error codes and messages.

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