The Future is Fiber

As FTTx and cable service providers rollout fiber services, there are many questions that need to be addressed around how to integrate new fiber-based services with existing operational systems and manage it all without impacting the quality of service to subscribers.

Fiber Operations

How can service providers achieve greater operational efficiency when it comes to fiber services?

With 90% of fixed service providers investing in fiber to deliver next-generation services, reduce operational costs, and enhance network performance, this increased diet in fiber brings about new operational complexities impacting existing back-office systems and the ability to launch and scale services quickly. According to an Incognito survey of global operators, the leading areas where service providers are focusing their efforts to improve operational efficiency for fiber is service activation and configuration, followed closely by customer premises equipment (CPE) roll-out and management. Automating these processes is key to enabling service provides to monetize fiber faster and satisfy the great broadband demand of customers.

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Wholesale open-access approach to fiber

As operators make the shift to fiber, wholesale providers will certainly have a role to play in helping them get a foothold in the market. In this scenario, being able to successfully orchestrate all of the pieces involved in service fulfillment becomes a priority. Based on industry research, the most important things retail ISPs need from their wholesale fiber provider is a portal or API for provisioning and activating services, and access to network insights to help identify, triage, and resolve service quality issues faster.

Incognito Insights

Telecom Industry's Fiber Outlook

When it comes to managing the delivery of fiber-based services, what are the operational hurdles?


Beyond installing new fiber lines, operators must overcome the challenges of provisioning and managing new fiber-based services if they are to adapt to the new era of fiber.


As an industry leader in the service orchestration domain, Incognito teamed up with Light Reading and Heavy Reading to survey 250 telecom executives from around the globe about their fiber buildout plans and uncover how they are modernizing operations to support fiber-based services and where their biggest needs for operational efficiency are.


This builds on Incognito's previous study which uncovered the fact that service providers face significant deployment and integration hurdles when it comes to offering new fiber-based services – over half of respondents identified their existing OSS as a significant barrier to delivering new services over fiber.

Fiber Rich... Now What?

For operators looking to modernize operations for fiber-based services and avoid impacts to existing OSS systems, Incognito offers a unique software platform designed to help you scale next-gen, IP-based services, monetize your fiber investment faster, and pave the way for exceptional gigabit experiences for your customers. Learn how Incognito's Fiber Service Orchestration Solution accelerates service activation and device lifecycle management for next-generation IP services over fiber.

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