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As cable service providers enter the telecom fray of fiber, there are many questions needed to be answered about how they plan to integrate new fiber-based services with their existing HFC network and manage it all without impacting quality of service.

Learn about cable's fiber outlook in this Light Reading report

When cable service providers look to manage the delivery of new fiber-based services, what are the operational hurdles?

Incognito Software Systems Inc. partnered with Light Reading and Heavy Reading in their 2019 annual Cable's Fiber Outlook Survey which seeks to shed light on how cablecos intend to take advantage of new fiber service offerings, their strategies to build-out their fiber network, and how they plan to overcome the challenges that come with laying out, testing, and monitoring new fiber links. As an industry leader in the service orchestration domain, the Incognito section of the report looks to uncover how operators are modernizing their operations to support fiber-based services and where their biggest needs for operational efficiency are. We are pleased to share the findings of the 2019 survey – made up of over 250 responses from cable tech executives from around the globe – covering the following topics:

  • Operational impacts when rolling out a distributed access architecture (DAA) framework
  • Back-office support for B2B fiber services
  • 5G backhaul for fiber
  • Where cable operators are looking to gain greater operational efficiency

This builds on Incognito's previous 2018 study which uncovered the fact that service providers face significant deployment and integration hurdles when it comes to offering new fiber-based services – over half of respondents indicated their existing OSS as a significant barrier to delivering new data, voice, and video services over fiber.


Incognito Fiber Service Orchestration

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Orchestrating Fiber Services

Fiber Rich... Now What?

As fiber deployments march on globally, how are operators harnessing this new-found capacity to deliver not only bandwidth-intensive residential IP services, but extend the reach into new revenue streams in IoT, mobile backhaul, and business services?

This latest research, profiled in Light Reading and Heavy Reading's Cable's Fiber Outlook Survey report, highlights a new set of fiber services operational challenges. The Incognito-sponsored Fiber Service Orchestration section of the report examines the challenges of operating and provisioning new fiber services and the methods that operators are using or exploring to overcome those challenges. It also looks at what cablecos will require as they continue to adapt to the new fiber era. 



Operational efficiency gains

Service activation, configuration, and decreasing fallout is the leading area where cablecos are focusing for greater operational efficiency over the next 12 to 18 months, followed closely by customer premises equipment (CPE) roll-out and management.

Fiber deep – rolling out DAA

More than 60% of respondents said their company seeks to address network vendor neutrality and open APIs with its provisioning approach when rolling out DAA. While more than half said their company is also seeking to address zero-touch automation, device scaling, and/or future-proofing for going fiber deep.



B2B service delivery

Just over 33% of cablecos have already converged residential and business service provisioning and operation into a single operations support system (OSS) stack. Nearly half of cable executives said their company has partially extended its residential services OSS stack to support business-to- business (B2B) service delivery by converging internet services.

Catalysts driving inventory upgrades

Cable executives view network virtualization (e.g. VOLTHA, vCPE, vCMTS, vCCAP, vDAA) as the leading fiber catalyst that will drive an inventory upgrade or replacement, with new product introduction (e.g.,managed services, GPON/EPON, etc.) coming in second.


What's Next in Your Fiber Journey?

Incognito offers a unique software platform designed to help you scale next-gen, IP-based services, monetize your fiber investment faster, and pave the way for exceptional gigabit experiences for your customers.

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