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Simplify the management of CPE devices and orchestrate your cable networks efficiently and reliably using Incognito's cable orchestration and management solution.

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Increased competition from 5G fixed wireless, transformation to gigabit IP services, complex OTT service bundling, and rising operational support costs are key challenges for cable ISPs offering residential and business broadband services. Extending footprint with fiber to capitalize on new service opportunities means deciding whether to leverage DOCSIS provisioning for fiber or introduce a new fiber stack. These challenges can be solved with a new approach to service management for in-home broadband management—Incognito Service Orchestration.

Incognito Software Systems offers a complete service orchestration solution for cable Internet service providers. We provide a modular, productized software suite to support DOCSIS provisioning and device lifecycle management, DHCP, DNS, IP address management, TR-069 and TR-369 remote device management, firmware management, fraud detection and mitigation, lawful intercept, and automated service activation, as well as monetization and analytics. With over 25 years of experience in cable provisioning, we are the partner of choice for fixed broadband management for over 200 cable providers globally.

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Service Orchestration—including activation, resource management, and business process management enabled by Service Activation Center.

Broadband Command Center for DOCSIS device provisioning and lifecycle management, as well as a market-leading DHCP server. Supports DOCSIS 4.0 and MAP-T.

TR-069, TR-369, and IoT MQTT device management – Auto Configuration Server with User Services Platform support for remote device management.

Firmware Management to prevent fraud and theft of services, and Central Lease Service to enable lawful intercept—optional modules of Broadband Command Center.

Address Commander for centralized, carrier-grade IPv4 and IPv6 address management.

Monetization and Analytics Platform to drive revenue and improve service quality—capturing near real-time network and subscriber utilization data and analyzing trends.

Third-party management—integration with cloud/NFV orchestration platforms to manage any type of IP service bundle.

Flexible Fiber Service Orchestration support—leverage DOCSIS provisioning (DPoX, RFoX) or a new fiber OSS stack for FTTx services.

Introduce digital channels for customer care, home users, and field engineering with Digital Experience Solution.

Improved customer experience—comprehensive functions for complete service and device lifecycle management, including provisioning, activation, diagnostics, firmware management, lawful intercept.

Modular, productized platforms suite—get to market faster, accelerate customer on-boarding.

Service differentiation—IP service bundles enabled by holistic service orchestration across CSP and third-party OTT domains, leveraging a model-driven approach to maximize process automation with fewer errors.

Deployment in weeks—extensive interoperability with OSS, BSS, EMSs, and proven fast deployment model gets you in production in weeks versus costly multi-year transformations.

Future proof—support of hybrid legacy/NFV architectures where service orchestration functions as a domain orchestrator.

New support for DOCSIS 4.0—enables the delivery of 10G, low-latency, and secure next-generation cable services.

Part of a European operator group, this service provider acquired a cable operator and faced a time-to-market crunch to launch new triple-play service bundles. Maintaining excellent customer experience was vital to business expansion and their brand. Operational needs included rapid customer device provisioning, automated ongoing management of all devices, and accelerated customer care.

Using Incognito DOCSIS provisioning coupled with Digital Experience Solution including Incognito's TR-069 Auto Configuration Server, this service provider was able to launch new multi-play services in months, automate customer care processes with a standard tool to identify and resolve customer issues, and prioritize customers based on service tier. Additionally, they could remotely manage all customer devices, including legacy non-TR-069 devices, and gain visibility and diagnostics across multiple vendor devices.

A North American service provider required a firmware management solution to address issues associated with outdated firmware. Incognito provided an automated firmware management solution with role-based controls for improved security, highly flexible firmware update triggers, and a holistic network-wide view of device firmware status.

With Incognito, this service provider reduced operational costs and improved controls to ensure updated firmware across the network.

This American cable MSO implemented Incognito's Monetization and Analytics to analyze IPDR billing data and determine appropriate data caps for their subscribers, paving the way for a national metering launch.

Additionally, this cable MSO was burdened with manual DOCSIS legacy network process inefficiencies. The operational system support also inhibited IPv6 service introduction, exposing MSO to competitive threats.

Incognito's cable solution simplified the MSO's network-wide rollout using a single integrated platform for DOCSIS and GPON fiber networks, usage-based metering, and automated provisioning for all cable/fiber residential and business IPv4 and IPv6 services. Incognito's standard-compliant DPoG deployment supports ~25 million IPs/devices.

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