Unified and Secure Remote Device Management

Discover Incognito's award-winning CPE device monitoring and management solution featuring unified architecture with TR-069 ACS and TR-369 USP.

Incognito Software Systems has over 30 years of proven broadband device and service management experience, helping global service providers reduce operational costs and deliver a better experience to subscribers.

Incognito offers a remote device management platform that enables service providers to centrally manage and monitor any CPE devices over any network access technology, including fiber, cable, and fixed wireless. The solution delivers greater insight into network performance, offers a proactive approach to resolving connectivity issues, and speeds the launch of compelling smart home services via Incognito's TR-069 Auto Configuration Server and TR-369 User Services Platform, helping service providers improve the subscriber experience, reduce operational costs, and accelerate innovation around broadband services.

What are the challenges operators face?

The explosion of connected devices in the home today presents new challenges to operators – how to maintain seamless always-on connectivity with an increasing number of devices in the home or small business network, all serving up complex voice, video, and data services. The ability to effectively manage CPE devices is vital to help reduce the costs associated with the activation and support of broadband services, improve time-to-market for new products and services, and deliver a quality broadband experience to customers.

Dealing with legacy solutions

Using legacy network management platforms for tracking and managing CPE devices in the network will no longer suffice if service providers want to improve operational efficiency and profitability, especially when it comes to customer care and network operations departments to limit technical escalations, truck rolls, and long repair times for network problems.

What's needed for success?

Service providers require a scalable, robust, and unified device management platform to support the lifecycle management of CPE devices across multiple access networks and enable new digital channels for customer care, network operations, and subscribers to manage the broadband experience from a single platform.

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Evolution of Device Management

Solution Overview

Industry Report

The Future of the Connected Home

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Unveiling the Latest Insights on the Connected Home

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Discover the latest trends and insights that are shaping the future of the connected home in the Future of the Connected Home report, sponsored by Incognito. Uncover key findings on new broadband value-added services, areas of future investment, and the role of open-source frameworks and industry standards in delivering optimized Wi-Fi.

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Incognito Software Systems

Remote Device Management Solution Features

Centralized platform approach supports today's devices and next-generation device models.

  • Unified approach to device management supported by a hybrid architecture of ACS (TR-069 CWMP, SNMP, MQTT) and USP (TR-369).

Telemetry and analytics.

  • Robust real-time network monitoring and device alerts, KPI analytics, and reporting provide insights into the in-home Wi-Fi quality of experience.

Intuitive CSR dashboards.

  • Intuitive CSR dashboards to help improve customer care first-call resolution rates, shorten average call handling times, and reduce CSR training requirements.

Fault management.

  • Proactive troubleshooting and resolution of connectivity issues with diagnostics for the home business network.
  • Quality of experience Home Score for optimized Wi-Fi performance.

Deploy virtualized services on gateways and set-top boxes.

  • Support for high-ARPU connected home services by deploying and managing virtual applications directly on residential gateways with Incognito's USP controller.

Self-care widgets.

  • Exclusive self-care widgets to easily integrate into existing customer portals or applications, empowering subscribers and field technicians to diagnose and resolve technical problems, and improve customer satisfaction.

Complete View of Devices and Networks

Improve visibility and control of device lifecycle management.

Incognito DX Device Dashboard

Smart Home Services

Launch new revenue-generating services in the connected home.

Incognito USP Smart Home Services

Incognito Software Systems

Award Wins

GlotelAwards 2023 WHT

Award Finalist

Incognito's Digital Experience Solution was selected as a 2023 Glotel Awards finalist in the Telecoms Excellence category for its revolutionary approach to remote device management using TR-369 User Services Platform (USP) technology.


Award Finalist

Incognito's Digital Experience Solution is a finalist for two 2023 Network X Awards: 'Outstanding FTTH Service' for its centralized insights with KPI analytics for GPON and connected home devices, and 'Most Innovative Smart Home Application' for its robust USP TR-369 device and application management capabilities.

Leading Lights 2023

Award Finalist

Incognito's Digital Experience Solution has been recognized for a 2023 Leading Lights Award in the Outstanding Use Case: Home Network Intelligence category for its capabilities as a robust Wi-Fi and smart home service management solution geared toward enhancing the home broadband experience.

Incognito Software Systems

Customer Case Studies

Tier 1 Latin American Operator
Tier 1 Central American Operator

Remote Device Management Over Multi-access Networks

Business Challenges

For this tier 1 operator, the leading factor for the cancellation of broadband services among customers is poor signal quality and strength. To overcome this challenge, the operator required a robust device management solution to streamline the management and monitoring of CPE devices across its cable, fiber, and fixed wireless networks to improve the customer experience.

Incognito Solution

Incognito's solution aggregates service and device data from across the network to equip customer care teams with at-a-glance KPI reports, helping them accurately monitor performance and signal strength to identify and resolve issues quickly.

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Customer Benefits:

  • The operator became equipped with a centralized multi-vendor technology platform, which reduced operational costs in customer support and field technicians
  • With Incognito's solution, the operator is able to gain visibility into remote customer premise equipment, allowing them to improve service quality

Customer Case and Remote Device Management

Business Challenges

To modernize the costly and lengthy processes related to setting up and managing Internet gateways and CPE devices, this operator needed to replace its legacy device management platform with a scalable solution that enables subscriber growth across multiple networks, reduces the total cost of ownership, and improves service quality.

Incognito Solution

With Incognito's multi-access solution, the operator can support the management and automated provisioning of in-home broadband devices and services over their DSL and GPON networks. Incognito's solution helps shorten time-to-market for CPE rollouts, improve customers' in-home network experience, and reduce operational costs. The operator also leverages Incognito's platform to accurately monitor subscriber usage and network quality.

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Customer Benefits:

  • Reduced operational costs tied to technical support
  • Visibility into the home network to pinpoint and proactively resolve access or home network issues
  • Automated customer care business flows for remote device management to accelerate issue resolution
  • Improved time-to-market for CPE rollout via flexible device integrations
  • Comprehensive analytics tools to support trends analysis and capacity planning

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