DOCSIS Provisioning and Management

Incognito has decades of experience working with the world's largest cable operators and has provisioned services for millions of subscribers worldwide.

Incognito's Broadband Command Center is the industry's leading independent DOCSIS provisioning solution offering automated end-to-end device provisioning and management for cable and fiber networks, increased network security, and centralized DHCP in a single platform.

Your OSS systems are the core of your operations, so selecting the right solution is critical to the success of your business. Incognito's DOCSIS provisioning solution offers best-in-class performance and scalability, robust features, and unmatched pricing.

Product Overview

Are you looking to replace your current DOCSIS solution? Take advantage of Incognito's holistic device provisioning solution that supports network growth and helps reduce costs.

Don't get bogged down by obsolete and end-of-life DOCSIS provisioning systems that are costly to operate or open-source solutions that limit your network growth.

Regardless of your network's size or speed of growth, Incognito's BCC platform ensures rapid service deployment by streamlining operations and centralizing DOCSIS provisioning processes. Incognito's intelligent provisioning capabilities automatically tailor and deliver accurate configurations for any version of DOCSIS spanning any access network technology, including HFC and DPoX, and device type or vendor, from a single system.

Compared to other DOCSIS provisioning solutions, Incognito's BCC platform performed 30% better in benchmark testing for stability, monitoring, redundancy, and ease of use.

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DOCSIS provisioning

Case Study: See How We've Helped Our Customers Achieve Their Goals


Incognito has a proven track record of carrying out successful deployments at fixed broadband operators worldwide. Incognito goes above and beyond what other DOCSIS solutions can do – and we can prove it.


Download this case study from Incognito and discover how we helped a major North American cable operator improve its DOCSIS provisioning processes by 90% and improve service quality thanks to Broadband Command Center's automated capabilities.

DOCSIS Provisioning

Solution Comparison

Features Incognito Solution Legacy System
Industry-proven DOCSIS provisioning solutions
Enhanced theft of service prevention
Business telephony (SIP eMTA over PacketCable 1.x)
Single pane of glass cable/fiber provisioning
Integrated IPv4 and IPv6 DHCP servers
Perpetual software licensing
Virtualized hardware and distributed architecture

DOCSIS Provisioning

Why Should You Choose Incognito?


Holistic device provisioning with DOCSIS 4.0 support

Incognito provides a centralized approach to configure and manage networks using multiple DOCSIS versions (3.0, 3.1, 4.0) and mixed cable and fiber access technology (10G, GPON, EPON) to deliver B2C and B2B services quickly.


Lower total cost of ownership

Incognito offers our customers a lower total cost of ownership for their DOCSIS provisioning, with perpetual licenses providing a stable model for growth and all upgrades included with maintenance and support – no extra fees or hidden charges!


Carrier-grade performance and standards support

Incognito's platform offers proven best-in-class performance and scalability. Easily manage millions of devices, extend IPv6 capabilities, automate firmware updates, and support network expansion with Incognito's cloud-ready, distributed architecture.


MAP-T configuration

Incognito's platform enables operators to abstract complex DHCPv6 settings, deploy a cost-effective alternative to hardware-intensive CG-NAT, and conserve valuable IPv4 resources with automated MAP-T configuration.


Intelligent device provisioning

Incognito's intelligent provisioning capabilities automatically tailors and delivers accurate configuration for any version of DOCSIS, any firmware, and any device from any vendor, while ensuring OSS systems are in sync with device provisioning.


Mitigate revenue leakage and fraud

Incognito's platform automatically detects and identifies "perfect cloned" devices on the network and mitigates security threats by leveraging lease audit records.

DOCSIS Provisioning

Incognito's Solutions and Industry Trends

DOCSIS broadband user at home

On-demand Webinar: Next-Generation DOCSIS Strategies

Watch Incognito's on-demand webinar to explore the strategies to prepare for next-generation DOCSIS deployments and learn how Incognito's Broadband Command Center can help you achieve your network goals.