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Incognito Plus has your peace of mind as our main goal, and our Managed Operations service delivers. With our experts managing, maintaining, and operating your entire solution deployment and infrastructure you’ll be able to focus on what matters most: your customers and services.

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We’ve been managing complex broadband environments for 25+ years, and we’ll bring that skill set to your business. Let our global team take away your IT operations concerns—we’ll do all your upgrades, configure your application, and provide solutions for your use cases for maximum benefit. You won’t have to think about your infrastructure, servers, or networks.

Our experts ensure always-available and online status. Your team can focus elsewhere while we make sure everything’s done right the first time—no mistakes and no downtime. We’ll drive your maintenance windows, write the methods of procedure (MOPs) for those windows, and monitor everything. When you sign up for Incognito’s Managed Operations, you’re passing your system over to the experts so you can grow your business in other ways.

Features you'll love

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Platform and product upgrades, upkeep, and management.

  • We'll drive precise methods of procedure (MOPs) with zero downtime and perform QA testing to ensure seamless upgrades for current and optimal systems and ensure you maximize the value of your Incognito solutions.

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Method of procedure (MOP) development and review.

  • Our experienced team will develop and drive expert MOPs for operational excellence.

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Application configuration, operational scripts, and device certifications.

  • Make bulk operations, complex operations, and tedious tasks a breeze. Our global team of experts will efficiently configure your Incognito applications for optimum performance.

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Maintenance window support.

  • We'll be there with you at every step of your maintenance windows to drive success.

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Security management.

  • Our team will manage the configuration and provide additional security measures, along with 24/7 monitoring.

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Improved SLA performance and faster incident recovery.

  • A dedicated team means faster response time.