Incognito Plus – NOC Shadowing

Achieve peace of mind in every maintenance window with a MOP (method of procedure) review and an Incognito expert on hand. We’ll be there to provide assisted operations and help your team with best practices guidance and consultation.

Think of us as an insurance policy to make sure all your Incognito operations run smoothly. Leveraging Incognito expertise every step of the way will mean you can effectively and efficiently optimize your Incognito solutions.

We’ll be online with you to guide you through maintenance windows, provide consultations, and review best practices. Leave maintenance window failures behind—no mistakes mean no downtime. With NOC Shadowing, you stay in the driver’s seat while our expertise keeps you on track and safeguards your deployment.

Incognito Plus

Program Features

Incognito benefits

MOP development and review

Remove the guesswork and reduce errors with guidance from our team on how to optimize your methods of procedures (MOPs).

Incognito benefits

Assisted operations - application management

Reduce complexity in operational tasks with advice and direction from our expert team.

Incognito benefits

Maintenance window support

Navigate your maintenance windows with ease with the support and guidance of our experienced team.

Incognito benefits

Best practices guidance and consultation

Work more efficiently and achieve more by following our expert advice.

Incognito benefits

Standard service assurance

Optimize performance by leveraging our 24/7 proactive monitoring including alerts, notifications, and reporting.