Prepaid Broadband Solution

Offer flexible prepaid and on-demand fixed broadband services to customers with Incognito's solution.

In today's communications, media, and entertainment landscape, where competition for new subscribers is fierce and retention is a challenge, monetizing previously unprofitable customer segments takes on new value. With Incognito’s prepaid broadband solution, operators can market to consumers who don't qualify for postpaid services, don't have access to banking services, or just want a commitment-free broadband experience. Our productized solution, featuring automated end-to-end activation and fulfillment processes, and a pre-integrated service catalog to define service offerings, enables providers to drive revenue and launch complex prepaid services, such as internet, IPTV, VOD, VoIP, and streaming.

Prepaid Broadband Solution

Solution Features

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Productized Solution

Productized solution with pre-integration to Incognito’s service provisioning and activation solutions for IP services over fiber and cable networks.

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Configurable Service Catalog

Configurable service catalog and business processes to introduce multiple offerings, such as ‘try and buy’ and gift cards. Naturally extends to support postpaid offerings.

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Open APIs

Open APIs to support integration to payment gateways, billing systems, and product catalogs.

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Automated Service Management

Ability to schedule automated activation and deactivation of services to avoid revenue leakage.

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Policy Engine

Policy engine to target eligible customers with promotional offers, and retain "at-risk" customers.

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Digital Care Channels

Customer care and subscriber self-care digital channels, including data usage tracking, purchase reporting, and audit history.

Prepaid Broadband Solution

Solution Benefits

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End-to-end Automation

End-to-end automation to drive operational savings – critical to making pre-paid offerings profitable.

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Boost Quality of Experience

Boost quality of experience for users with self-service options, increasing subscriber retention and acquisition.

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Rapid Deployment

Productized solution enabling fast solution delivery in weeks.

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Stay Ahead of Competition

Increase return on investment (ROI) on legacy systems and stay ahead of the competition with new sales channels.

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Leverage Existing Investments

Supports integration to existing provisioning systems.

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Accelerate Time to Market

Accelerate the time to market for new prepaid and on-demand services, while future-proofing services by incrementally adding new products like gaming and Wi-Fi.

Prepaid Broadband Solution

Use Cases

Prepaid Broadband

Incognito’s Prepaid Broadband Solution allows you to quickly enable multiple use cases covering service offering, ordering, activation, deactivation, and management.

Grow your subscriber base and drive loyalty with incentives, and progressive rewards including:

  • Rewarding customers on a buy-more, get-more basis by offering discounts, free services, and service extensions
  • Offering “tester/taster” products to entice new customers to try out your products
  • Extending discounts based on various criteria such as geographic location
  • Making offers available based on subscriber eligibility (e.g., valid network connection, service type, equipment type, etc.)

Our solution keeps it simple for you with the following capabilities:

Service tracking: Track the activation/expiration of the service including bandwidth/time utilization and service start/end time.

Service catalog: Define the service offering, promotions available per service offering, and criteria.

Business processes: Configure solution business processes including service activation/deactivation, suspension/resumption, and upgrade/downgrade.

Scheduler: Schedule service subscription activation/deactivation.

Prepaid Broadband Solution

Case Studies

Asian Service Provider

Customer challenge

A multinational telco wanted to launch Internet, TV, and VoIP prepaid services within a 30-day window while reusing their existing set-top box (STB) inventory.

Incognito solution

Incognito offered prepaid service fulfillment via our Service Activation Center, providing:

  • Subscriber portal and customer service representative user interface
  • Internet, TV, and VoIP service provisioning
  • Payment gateway integration

Customer benefits

The customer enjoyed the following results:

  • A new revenue stream from an increased subscriber base in previously unaddressed markets
  • Cost savings and speed to market from network asset reuse
  • An increased postpaid subscriber base thanks to “try and buy” product offers

Prepaid Broadband Solution

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