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Matt Mariani

Matt Mariani is a seasoned marketing professional with close to a decade of experience in B2B and solutions marketing. He specializes in developing and promoting OSS solutions that cover a wide range of topics, including service activation, device management, IP management, network virtualization, AI/ML, and software-defined networking. Currently, he serves as Digital Marketing Manager at Incognito, where he has been instrumental in driving the company's marketing strategy forward. Before joining Incognito, Matt worked in various marketing roles at Ericsson (CENX). Matt holds an Honours Bachelor of Journalism from the University of Ottawa and a Journalism Diploma from Algonquin College. Outside of work, he is an enthusiastic sports fan, enjoys the outdoors, and plays guitar in his free time.
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Servicios de Atención al Cliente de España y cómo Incognito mejora QoE
By Matt Mariani on marzo 22, 2023

En el mundo conectado de hoy, los clientes esperan servicios de banda ancha siempre activos y rápidos, lo que los hace más críticos en sus interacciones con los proveedores de servicios....

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