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Digital Experience SaaS

Incognito's DX SaaS Solution is a cloud-based solution powered by Incognito's Auto Configuration Server (ACS) with User Services Platform (USP) capabilities that enables service providers to remotely monitor and manage devices in a light-weight, cost-effective subscription model.

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Global operators are facing mounting financial pressures as profit margins continue to shrink, operating costs continue to rise, and customers demand more from their broadband services. Implementing a carrier-grade remote device management solution to improve service quality and the customer experience proves to be a tremendous undertaking for operators looking to reduce OPEX and future proof their business model. What's needed is a standards-based, flexible, and multi-vendor focused platform that can grow to meet their needs without the cost and complexity.

Incognito’s cloud-based Digital Experience Software as a Service (DX SaaS) Solution equips service providers with a fully-featured ACS — offering out-of-the-box TR-069 and TR-369 (USP) support for automated remote device management — in a light-weight, cost-effective cloud platform. Incognito's solution equips operators with a carrier-grade platform to support their device management needs today while preparing them for next-gen devices and services, including USP and IoT. Take advantage of faster deployment times, lower investment costs with pay-per-use pricing, and robust remote device management operations to decrease costs and improve customer experience.

Digital Experience SaaS Solution Overview

The Incognito DX SaaS Solution equips service providers with a productized platform to remotely monitor and manage devices, automate device provisioning, and troubleshoot connectivity issues. Incognito’s new subscription offering provides out-of-the-box TR-069 Auto Configuration Server and TR-369 User Services Platform capabilities through a cost-effective approach. Flexible cloud-deployment options address operator needs while being augmented by Incognito’s unique platform management. Gain real-time network insights, remotely diagnose problems, and automate the resolution of technical issues in the residential or small-business Wi-Fi network.

The Incognito DX SaaS solution is available with multiple cloud-hosted options, allowing operators the freedom to choose whether they want Incognito to manage and operate the platform on their behalf, or host and manage the platform themselves.


DX SaaS is the next big thing in cloud-based ACS

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Extensible support for devices and services over fiber, DSL, cable, and fixed wireless, including 4G, 5G, and CBRS/private LTE, using TR-069, TR-369, MQTT, and SNMP protocols

Holistic, real-time visibility into status of residential and enterprise networks, device health network wide, and application performance with advanced collection of rich data and diagnostics

A streamlined CSR dashboard, which is customizable to meet your business needs, provides customer care representatives with an at-a-glance view of subscriber and network data to identify and triage service quality issues

Offers full-featured Auto Configuration Server to manage the complete lifecycle of devices and perform business process automation of TR-069 compliant devices, and User Services Platform controller support for TR-369 compliant devices, providing unified device management approach for next-generation broadband devices.

Speed and latency testing to proactively measure customer experience and broadband performance, while meeting regulatory compliance reporting needs for operators, including FCC broadband infrastructure funding

Near real-time analytics collects device data to measure performance across network and connectivity experience within residential or small-business networks

Future-proofed Solution Architecture – Allows service providers to continue to manage and innovate services based on TR-069 devices while preparing for next-generation TR-369 devices with User Services Platform, IoT, Wi-Fi 6, and FWA technologies such as 5G, CBRS, and private LTE networks

Low cost of ownership – No CAPEX investment lets you focus business where it matters most. The pay-as-you-go model offers maintenance and upgrades by offloading key operations

Fast time to market – Rapid on-boarding and service turn up in days rather than weeks/months

Uber Scaling and Robustness – Incognito's engine helps operators easily scale to support massive device volumes as they add more CPE devices to their network

Operational Efficiency – Reduce customer care call handling times, minimize truck rolls, and proactively resolve service issues with remote device management and improved home network diagnostics

Reduce Customer Churn – Boost customer satisfaction by delivering a reliable broadband service experience with extensive device management capabilities