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Incognito's Digital Experience Solution equips telcos and service providers with a unified platform, featuring a robust Auto Configuration Server (ACS) with User Services Platform (USP) support, to remotely manage TR-069 and TR-369 devices, resolve subscriber connectivity issues, reduce operational costs, and launch new innovative services into the connected home.

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Complexity in the digital home and business network is at an all-time high with multiple devices using a variety of technologies — such as Wi-Fi, IoT, and anything "smart" — now sharing the same broadband connection. This presents new challenges to operators who are responsible for delivering a quality broadband experience to customers while reducing operational costs. The impact is felt on customer care, network operations, field technicians, and the home or small business user.

Incognito's Digital Experience Solution is a next-gen remote device management platform that supports the automated lifecycle management of any CPE device, regardless of access network technology. With Incognito's solution, operators can maintain visibility into the customer network to proactively identify and resolve issues that impact the broadband experience, introduce new digital care channels to automate troubleshooting and equip customer care, network operations, and subscribers with process automation to manage the broadband experience, and support unified management of TR-069 and TR-369 devices and services.


Subscriber Self-Care Widgets

Improve the customer experience by giving customers more control over their in-home Wi-Fi network.

Empower subscribers with home network self-care widgets

Digital Experience Solution Overview

The Incognito Digital Experience Solution equips service providers with a unified platform to remotely monitor and manage networks and devices, resolve connectivity issues that impact the digital experience for subscribers, and automate service provisioning. The Incognito solution has been deployed at leading service provides worldwide and is proven to cut down on inbound calls to customer care, shorten average call handling times, and decrease the number of truck rolls by empowering customer care agents, network operations staff, field technicians, as well as residential and business users to troubleshoot and resolve issues automatically.

Digital Experience Solution features unified support for Incognito's widely deployed and proven Auto Configuration Server supporting TR-069, TR-369, SNMP, and MQTT protocols, and USP controllers based on Broadband Forum’s User Services Platform standard. These are augmented by value-added modules to introduce digital-care channels for home users, customer care, network operations, and field engineering. This unified approach allows service providers to drive innovation by supporting next-generation TR-369 devices and services, current TR-069 devices, and enterprise IoT offerings.


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Extensible support for devices and services over fiber, DSL, cable, and fixed wireless, including 4G, 5G, and CBRS/private LTE, using TR-069, TR-369, SNMP, MQTT protocols

Holistic visibility into residential and enterprise networks with advanced collection of rich data and diagnostics from both the device and network

Proactive service issue identification and resolution enabling critical problem-solving actions to address service quality, before it becomes a customer issue

Intuitive CSR dashboard guides customer care agents along the path of issue identification and troubleshooting, automating much of the issue resolution stage

Self-care widgets easily integrate into existing customer portal or applications, empowering subscribers and field technicians to diagnose and resolve technical problems to improve customer satisfaction

Proactive Wi-Fi – optimize quality of experience for Wi-Fi networks. Supports agent and non-agent-based CPEs to ensure Wi-Fi coverage across the in-home, small-office, or small-business network

Unified management supports Auto Configuration Server for TR-069 devices and services, and User Service Platform for support of new TR–369 protocols and services. Leverages investment in common tools—digital channels, service quality management—available on a multi-tenant architecture.

Proactively measures service quality with speed and latency testing to ensure customer experience. Equips service providers receiving FCC broadband infrastructure funding with the tools to comply with network performance regulatory requirements

Smart home services – USP software module management to manage the lifecycle of virtualized applications

Future-proofed Solution Architecture – Allows service providers to continue to manage and innovate services based on TR-069 devices while preparing for next-generation TR-369 devices with User Services Platform, IoT, Wi-Fi 6, and FWA technologies such as 5G, CBRS, and private LTE networks

Remote Device Management – Improve visibility and control over the full lifecycle of CPEs and IoT devices with flexible, standards-based interfaces and protocol support (TR-069, TR-369, SNMP, MQTT) using Auto Configuration Server and User Services Platform

Customer Care – Increase first-call resolution, shorten call handling times, and reduce training requirements with CSR dashboard

Network Operations – Reduce OPEX and proactively resolve service issues with remote device management, and take advantage of improved home network diagnostics. Centralized infrastructure for the simplified management of B2B services or multi-country operations via a multi-tenant solution

Home and SOHO Users – Empower subscribers to diagnose and resolve in-home technical issues with confidence

Security – Leverage automated device firmware updates to improve reliability, and reduce the risk of malware attacks and fraud

QoE and SLAs – Provides operators with a near real-time view of insights from across the network to improve proactive care, remote diagnostics, and service optimization.


Uber Scaling – Incognito's engine helps operators easily scale to support massive device volumes as they add more CPE devices to their network

Increased ARPU – Deploy new revenue-generating offerings into the connected home, including parental controls, network security, and Wi-Fi optimization

Incognito Insights – User Services Platform (USP)

Learn more about User Services Platform (USP), the next-generation device management and data collection standard, what business value it can deliver, and how service providers are harnessing its power.