Remote management and monitoring of broadband devices

Incognito Auto Configuration Server is a vendor-agnostic, end-to-end service fulfillment and device provisioning solution that lets you manage and monitor fixed line and mobile devices over any network, including xDSL, LTE, HFC, and FTTx. By leveraging remote management protocols such as TR-069, SNMP, and OMA-DM, Incognito enables greater insight into the subscriber network so you can deliver preemptive support, greater quality of service (QoS), and an improved quality of experience (QoE) to subscribers.

Monitor performance

Monitor performance and gain visibility into the subscriber’s home networks to detect and prevent device issues from affecting customers with end-to-end service quality management (SQM).

Enhance QoE while decreasing costs

Quickly resolve customer calls and reduce OPEX with efficient, remote CSR troubleshooting built on a powerful integration platform, with live metrics, and insight into the customer premises.

Open APIs for ease of integration

Decreases manual processes with open APIs for greater OSS/BSS integration and automation.

Extend control to subscribers

Further reduce costs with an optional self-service user portal that gives subscribers greater visibility and control over their network.

Holistic CPE lifecycle management

Remotely manage the full lifecycle of TR-069, legacy, and OMA-DM devices from deployment to firmware updates to replacement without relying on expensive truck rolls.

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Northbound Interface

Integrate with your existing OSS/BSS to maintain your investment and ensure best-in-class business processes in a multi-standard environment.

Key Performance Indicators

Gain a greater understanding of network performance with real-time alerting and scheduled reporting. Configurable KPIs combine multiple data sets into a single business metric.

Firmware Management

Remotely manage mass firmware updates and set automated maintenance periods to reduce subscriber service disruptions and time spent on device operations.

Incognito Ecosystem Scripting

Develop and manage scripts to automate, customize, and extend functionality, including performing complex diagnostics, pulling data from third-party systems, or creating per device KPIs.

Smart CSR

Improve CSR troubleshooting and lower support costs with in-built troubleshooting flows and a powerful integration platform for faster root cause analysis and enhanced subscriber QoE.

Self-Service Portal

Empower subscribers and reduce support costs with a self-service portal that lets subscribers manage their home network.

Service Quality Management

Manage every stage of service delivery with end-to-end SQM. This includes network performance testing, active monitoring, per-device KPIs, visibility into nearby signal interference, and CPE management.

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