Enterprise IoT Device Management and Data Collection

Incognito's productized Enterprise Internet of Things (IoT) Solution has been named a 2020 Global Telecoms Award finalist for its ability to help service providers support enterprise IoT applications.


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By 2022, approximately 4 billion M2M connections (Cisco VNI 2019) will be driven by enterprise IoT services like smart cities, smart utilities (i.e. water and power), healthcare, manufacturing, and smart agriculture. Service providers globally are already investing in enterprise IoT services to bundle connectivity with device and network intelligence that drive value for enterprise customers and provide access to new revenue streams.

As IoT services scale, service providers need to consider a different approach to managing the lifecycle of millions of IoT devices, gateways, and sensors across their network. Enterprise device management platforms require at minimum MQTT and LwM2M multi-protocol support along with traditional device lifecycle functions – including automated firmware updates, device discovery, and diagnostics checks – to avoid costly manual intervention and truck rolls to enterprise CPEs, as well as IoT gateways, devices, and sensors. What's more, operators need new tools to capitalize on network and device data to power new vertical business applications.

of telecom organizations have already begun to invest in IoT applications and/or services.

of telecom professionals expect to see end-to-end IoT offers from CSPs in the next 24 months, enabling purpose-built IoT applications for different vertical markets.

of telecom professionals view zero touch provisioning as a critical IoT device management function to ensure service quality and minimize OPEX.


Solution at a Glance

Incognito offers a productized solution for enterprise IoT applications that provides automated, vendor-neutral IoT device management, and data collection to manage Service Level Agreements (SLAs) adherence and drive new business services.

The Incognito Enterprise IoT Solution extends the capabilities of the Incognito Auto Configuration Server to provide control and visibility over the full IoT device lifecycle management with flexible, standards-based interfaces, and MQTT and LwM2M protocol support. Incognito simplifies data collection and vertical business application integration to expedite IoT market rollout.


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Auto Configuration Server-based remote IoT device management and zero-touch provisioning. Extends existing digital care channels for customer care and network operations to support IoT services.

Horizontally scaled, high-velocity, and high-volume data collection and IoT microservice architecture.

Common multitenancy supports multiple vertical market applications simultaneously, including multi-tenant infrastructure and customizable dashboard UI presentation layer.

Flexible deployment architecture – unified device management spanning across all lines of business (i.e. consumer, business, and IoT), or co-exist with legacy device management as a standalone IoT solution.

Fault detection and management – provides closed-loop automation for improved service quality.

Flexible data model addresses any business and IoT use case.

Optional integration with third-party analytics applications and SIM connectivity platforms via standards-based interfaces.

Leverages MQTT and LwM2M protocols to support any IoT device, gateway, or sensor.

A unified approach – extend existing remote device management investment to support new lines of business via a productized platform that can be deployed in weeks.

Rapid northbound vertical business applications integration – harness device data to build business-specific applications.

All-in-one operations dashboard to streamline processes for MQTT, LwM2M, TR-069, and SNMP managed devices—spanning enterprises and consumers.

Resolve IoT device issues quickly upon detection with closed-loop automation.

Achieve operational synergy from common centralized customer care and network operational digital channels.

Flexible deployment options – complement legacy residential device management with IoT ready architecture and minimize BSS/OSS impact.

Co-exist with SIM connectivity management platforms.

Supports multiple business vertical markets from a common platform, eliminating siloed IoT systems and operations.

Extreme scalability to support millions of IoT devices, sensors, and gateways.

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Enterprise IoT – Smart Parking

With traffic congestion at an all-time high, along with vehicle emissions and air quality concerns, the need for smart parking continues to grow. Parking sensors and devices span street meters, surface-lot meters, vertical bays, garage facilities, and digital signage indicating parking spots remaining. Device downtime not only leads to driver frustration but also revenue loss and increased truck rolls to resolve equipment issues. Additional smart parking trends include real-time parking location availability and processing mobile app payments.

With the Incognito IoT solution, service providers can:

  • Remotely manage disparate parking sensors, meters, and devices
  • Automatically update device firmware
  • Integrate with business applications and third-party systems

Incognito Advantage

  • Rapid device integration via standards-based protocols
  • Near real-time telemetry data retrieval providing the accurate location and parking availability
  • Fault detection and management, as well as diagnostic automation to reduce truck rolls

Enterprise IoT – Video Surveillance

Video surveillance is not only used for public safety and security measures but provides tremendous value for traffic planning and infrastructure investments. The elevated nature of the equipment poses challenges in manual software access and device onboarding. 

With the Incognito IoT solution, service providers can:

  • Group video cameras and sensors into clusters for device management
  • Drive telemetry data to northbound video analytics systems
  • Automate IoT device configuration from upstream systems triggers

Incognito Advantage

  • Device reliability to ensure service quality for latency-sensitive applications such as video
  • Zero-touch provisioning and IoT device lifecycle management

Enterprise IoT – Asset Tracking

Asset tracking has evolved from rudimentary geolocation to now include environmental condition monitoring through the collection of data points such as altitude, temperature, pressure, vibration, acceleration, humidity, and shock. The need for a reliable tracking device to maintain visibility of a high-value asset that may be on the move, as well as solid connectivity to capture data to ensure the asset’s integrity, is paramount.

With the Incognito IoT solution, service providers can:

  • Configure business rules and alerts for applications such as geofencing
  • Provision a device to enable/disable sensors to preserve battery power
  • Provide remote visibility of an asset's condition and ensure SLA adherence

Incognito Advantage

  • Correlate condition monitoring data points and geolocation for a holistic business operations view
  • Flexible dashboard UI tailored to business vertical device and data needs
  • SLA and condition 'proofs' of high-value assets

Enterprise IoT – Restaurant Management

Food safety and food wastage can make or break a restaurant establishment. Over the course of day-to-day operations, temperature and humidity measurements of fridges, freezers, and coolers are frequent, time-consuming, and manual, at best. A freezer door left open not only wastes energy, but food spoilage is to be expected.

With the Incognito IoT solution, service providers can:

  • Configure thresholds for temperature, humidity, and grace periods for open doors
  • Empower customer care teams to triage device issues through a streamlined interface
  • Alleviate the need for labour intensive and error-prone manual reporting

Incognito Advantage

  • Enable predictive maintenance of refrigeration systems via vibration detection
  • A common approach to UI and mobile app notifications for pre-configured alerts
  • Leverage existing digital care channels to support customers across multiple verticals

Enterprise IoT – Power Meters

A Tier 1 Latin American operator embarked on an in-house energy efficiency project. With a large number of devices to remotely support countrywide, full process automation was required to avoid the need for a technician truck roll to triage and fix power meter issues when they occurred.

With the Incognito IoT solution, this service provider can:

  • Manage devices and capture near real-time telemetry with MQTT protocol
  • Bootstrap device configuration for zero-touch provisioning
  • Track advanced fault detection and resolutions via proactive diagnostics
  • Data broker to business analytics applications enabling dynamic power supply and demands decisions

Incognito Advantage

  • Extended existing Auto Configuration Server-based remote GPON, SNMP DOCSIS, and 4G LTE fixed wireless device management investments to support enterprise applications
  • Centralized device platform – visibility and control of connectivity, gateways, and IoT devices
  • Closed-loop automation and resolution when device issues are detected
  • Flexible northbound integration to IoT verticals and marketplaces

We get device management – Incognito prides itself on 20+ years experience in the telecom, mobile, and cable MSO space, and a fully productized approach for fast deployment. Whether you are a CSP driving in-house operational efficiencies, pursuing new lines of business over your connectivity, or launching an end-to-end IoT solution for multiple business verticals, we can help!

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