Device Management
for Industrial IoT

Service providers are moving beyond connectivity business models into new verticals and revenue opportunities now accessible with Internet of Things (IoT). With a significant investment in legacy operational support systems and resources, they want to be able to leverage these as much as possible for opportunities like IoT device management.  Existing device management platforms need to be able to support a mix of protocols including MQTT, in addition to TR-069, DOCSIS and SNMP for home and industrial equipment. These platforms also need to manage and automate device diagnostics, firmware updates to avoid costly manual intervention and truck rolls, and scale to support millions of IoT devices.

Industrial IoT – The CSP Opportunity

The industrial Internet of things (IIoT) has the potential to drive a new generation of device management and analytics that help industrial companies optimize business processes and make smarter decisions, faster. Incognito's VP Product, Ragu Masilamany, met with to discuss the new business opportunities industrial IoT presents for service providers.


Solution at a Glance

The Incognito IoT Device management solution extends the capabilities of the Incognito Auto Configuration Server to provide control and visibility over the full IoT device lifecycle management with flexible, standards-based interfaces and MQTT protocol support, in addition to TR-069, SNMP.


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Zero-touch provisioning for entire IoT device lifecycle ensures low-cost scalable approach for remote device service management
Automated device discovery to accelerate service turn up and manage overall inventory
Remote diagnostics for improved service reliability—resolve technical issues before they impact the service
Microservices-based platform allows you to rapidly integrate and retrieve IoT device data for business application data consumption
Open API supporting third party cloud orchestration fully integrating IoT services and device lifecycle management as an extension of CSP domain
Lower operational costs and proactively resolve service issues with remote device management, provisioning, and improved network diagnostics
Leverage automated device firmware updates to improve reliability, and reduce the risk of security and fraud
Configurable business process flows for remote SIM provisioning
Closed-loop automation and resolution when IoT device issues detected
Productized platform that can be deployed in weeks
Extreme scalability to support millions of IoT devices

Industrial IoT – Power Meters

In today's hyper-connect world, service providers have the opportunity to explore new lines of business, such as the utility vertical market, offering power meter device management and analytics. With a large number of devices needed to be supported remotely, processes need to be fully automated to avoid the risk of a technician truck roll to triage and fix an issue with a power meter in a remote location.

With the Incognito IoT solution, service providers can:

  • Access automated data retrieval via MQTT protocol to create custom reporting and analytics of the smart meter service to support SLAs
  • Capture telemetry business data for dynamic supply & demands decisions
  • Track advanced fault detection and resolutions via proactive diagnostics
  • Provide data brokering to business analytics applications
  • Bootstrap configuration for zero touch provisioning

Incognito Advantage

  • Extend existing remote device management investment to support new lines of business like IoT
  • Provide a common dashboard for unified control of all service provider managed devices—TR-069, MQTT for IoT, SNMP, DOCSIS
  • Centralized Device Management Platform – We get device management—20+ years in telecom & cable MSO space, and fully productized approach for fast deployment
  • Centralized support center – Call center agents who are already trained on Auto Configuration Server can now also support IoT devices.
  • Extreme scalability to support tens of millions of devices, as in IoT environments, with a pay-as-you-grow business model.

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