Auto Configuration Server for TR-069

Management and Visibility for TR-069 Devices and Beyond


Auto Configuration Server Capabilities

Incognito Auto Configuration Server enables zero-touch provisioning, activation, and management of subscriber devices and advanced IP services over xDSL, WiMAX, Cable, and FTTx systems while improving quality of experience to your subscribers. The solution enables centralized, automated activation and management of subscribers and devices as either an onsite service or cloud-based software.

Leverage this comprehensive service and device provisioning solution to gain visibility and control of devices and improve customer experience while reducing operational costs.

Simplify Device Provisioning and Management

Advanced troubleshooting, device monitoring, and bulk operation capabilities let you improve the subscriber experience.

  • Manage residential gateways with filtering, forwarding, and QoS mapping capabilities
  • Easily perform bulk operations such as firmware updates, client reboots or parameters changes
  • Monitor and diagnose devices for pre-emptive support and advanced troubleshooting
  • Enable subscriber self-management

How Incognito Auto Configuration Server fits in your network

Leverage New Service and Revenue Opportunities

Roll-out new services and bundles with next-generation devices.

  • Offer your subscribers more embedded services such as WiFi management, parental control, VoIP, storage, IPTV and femtocell access points
  • Quickly tailor your service packages in the Service Activation Center module
  • Easily define service types and add-ons

Improving Customer Care while Lowering Operational Costs

Improve QoE with zero-touch provisioning, insightful customer service, subscriber self-management options, and less disruption time during updates.

  • Quickly resolve network or device issues with an intuitive CSR dashboard
  • Give your customers the control they demand with subscriber self-management capabilities
  • Minimize disruption to subscriber routines by loading the latest snapshot of subscriber parameters to replacement devices of the same model
  • Gain a better understanding of subscriber needs and trends with data mining tools and key performance indicators

Easily Integrate with Backend Systems

Preserve your OSS/BSS investment and ensure best-in-class business processes with flexible integration capabilities.

  • Utilize the self-descriptive Web Services API for flexible integration
  • Easily integrate the Auto Configuration Server with a northbound provisioning or monitoring system
  • Ensure OSS/BSS synchronization with automatic parameter reports to the northbound OSS/BSS system
  • Store your subscriber service information in your LDAP or SQL database and have the ACS fetch service class or device-specific parameter attributes directly

Customize ACS Behavior with Extensive Scripting Capabilities

Map your business logic into our ACS, not the other way around.

  • Utilize an extensible high-performance Javascript platform to automate processes
  • Develop and manage scripts easily and reliably with integrated version control and debugging

Achieve Extended Reliability and Scalability

Deploy a highly reliable solution that will scale to your growth.

  • Provide maximum performance and scalability with a distributed architecture that supports network growth
  • Utilize highly available synchronized configurations for failover redundancy
  • Acquire a full range of functionality and high performance without compromising scalability with the unique architecture and scripting methods.

Simplified Management

Maximize efficiency with this comprehensive and intuitive device provisioning platform

  • Perform device-centric actions, monitor devices, and see all the devices behind a gateway through specialized KPI monitoring and administrative dashboards
  • Easily search through your device inventory
  • Organize customers with user-definable groups to apply consistent provisioning rules over service classes
  • Customize business logic with high performance scripting

Extensive Broadband Forum Standards Support

ACS supports a wide array of Broadband Forum standards, including:

  • Internet Gateway Device Version 1.1 Data Model for TR-069 (TR-098)
  • Provisioning Parameters for VoIP CPE (TR-104)
  • Data Model Template for TR-069-Enabled Devices (TR-106)
  • Remote Management of Home Networking Devices (TR-111)
  • ACS Northbound Interface Requirements (TR-131)
  • Data Model for a TR-069 Enabled STB (TR-135)
  • TR-069 Data Model for Storage Service Enabled Devices (TR-140)
  • Framework for TR-069 Enabled PON Devices (TR-142)
  • Enabling Network Throughput Performance Tests and Statistical Monitoring (TR-143)
  • Component Objects for CWMP (TR-157)
  • Device Data Model (TR-181)
  • Femto Access Point Service Data Model (TR-196)