The CLI Cheat Sheet: Add DHCP options to a Rule or Client Class

Command Line Interface (CLI) is a useful tool for network administrators with access to the back end of Incognito Software products. This guide provides seven useful tips on how to CLI can be used to improve operational efficiency in Broadband Command Center, a DHCP provisioning solution from Incognito Software.

Add DHCP options to a Rule or Client Class

DHCP option data is applied to a device by a client class, hardware mapping, rule (DHCPv4 only), static address or template. In order to set this data, the administrator must be in modify mode:

Modify rule <rule name>
Modify clientclass <client class name>

Once you have entered modify mode, the following commands can be used in relation to the DHCPv4 option:

Add DHCPv4option <opt number>
Clear DHCPv4option <opt number>
Delete DHCPv4option <opt number>
Get DHCPv4option <opt number>
List DHCPv4option
Set DHCPv4option
Show DHCPv4option

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