The CLI Cheat Sheet: Add DOCSIS files to DHCP

Command Line Interface (CLI) is a useful tool for network administrators with access to the back end of Incognito Software products. This guide provides seven useful tips on how to CLI can be used to improve operational efficiency in Broadband Command Center, a DHCP provisioning solution from Incognito Software.

Add DOCSIS files to DHCP

When working with a DOCSIS configuration file, the basic commands that can be used are:

Add DOCSISFS <name> Adds a DOCSIS file record to the service
Clone DOCSISFS Clones a DOCSIS file record in the service
Delete DOCSISFS Deletes a DOCSIS file from the service
Get DOCSISFS Gets specific DOCSIS file record properties
Import DOCSISFS <file> Imports a binary DOCSIS file
List DOCSISFS Lists all DOCSIS files known to the service
Modify DOCSISFS Enters modify mode for the DOCSIS file setting, where additional properties can be set.

The additional properties that can be set are:

DESCRIPTION Description for the DOCSIS file setting
NAME DOCSIS file setting name
PRECONFIGUREDSETTINGS Specify which previously configured DOCSIS files should be included in this configuration
TLVSETTINGS The set of TLV settings belonging to this DOCSIS file setting

Much like the previous commands, some of the properties can be combined into one command to make the addition of the DOCSISFS easier. You can not include preconfiguredsettings or tlvsettings in the initial command; you must be in modify mode to add these.

Add DOCSISFS test description “test”

The result of this is that a new DOCSIS file is created with the name and description of test.

Once that has been created, enter modify mode.

Modify DOCSISFS test

Set any preconfigured settings while in modify mode.


This associates the already-existing DOCSIS file called “Common-Settings” with the DOCSIS file test. This means that any TLVs set in “Common-Settings” will be applied to any device that receives the Test DOCSIS file.

Finally, the administrator can set the required TLVs that should be associated with this DOCSIS file.

add TLVSETTINGS 24:1.1 tlvdata 1
add TLVSETTINGS 24:1.6 tlvdata 7
add TLVSETTINGS 24:1.7 tlvdata 3
add TLVSETTINGS 24:1.8 tlvdata 128000
add TLVSETTINGS 24:1.10 tlvdata 0
add TLVSETTINGS 24:1.14 tlvdata 1522
add TLVSETTINGS 24:1.15 tlvdata 02
add TLVSETTINGS 24:1.16 tlvdata 00000160
add TLVSETTINGS 25:1.1 tlvdata 2
add TLVSETTINGS 25:1.6 tlvdata 7
add TLVSETTINGS 25:1.7 tlvdata 3
add TLVSETTINGS 25:1.8 tlvdata 128000
add TLVSETTINGS 25:1.10 tlvdata 0


The end result is the TLVs described in the third column (ie, 24.1.1) will be set with the value in the fifth column.

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