The CLI Cheat Sheet: Set config.txt Variables

Command Line Interface (CLI) is a useful tool for network administrators with access to the back end of Incognito Software products. This guide provides seven useful tips on how to CLI can be used to improve operational efficiency in Broadband Command Center, a DHCP provisioning solution from Incognito Software.

Set config.txt Variables

Any variable that can be found in the config.txt file can be set via CLI using the following format:

Set CONFIG <config> <value>

The complete list of variables that can be set in this manner can be found in the respective service’s CLI guide. An example of how this can be used:

Set CONFIG loglevel 3
Set CONFIG logsize 10000000
Set CONFIG flush yes

The log level for the service is set to three, the log size is set to 10MB, and flush logs set to yes.

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