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Incognito Software Improves Customer Quality of Experience for Two More Providers

U.S. and Chilean Providers Become Newest Users of Incognito’s Network Analytics Solution

Vancouver, B.C. – March 22, 2017 – Incognito Software Systems Inc., a global provider of solutions for communication service providers, today announced two telecommunications companies – one based in the United States and the other in Chile – have chosen Incognito’s network analytics solution to improve quality of service (QoS) by enabling network planners to proactively align investments to the necessary service areas.


The two new customers’ geographic regions provide unique physical challenges for telecom providers trying to maintain a high QoS for their subscribers. Given these natural obstacles, which include mountainous terrain and harsh winters, each provider needed a solution that allowed them to truly understand their current network in order to pinpoint areas for improvement before delving into difficult upgrades with high capital expenditures.


The Incognito capacity planning solution’s ability to look inside the network, provide usage insights, identify areas of congestion, and even simulate the effect of subscriber plan changes made it the perfect fit for both providers despite the thousands of miles between them.


“For a provider to optimize capital expenditures (CAPEX) and improve the quality of its service offerings, it needs to have real information on areas of strength and areas for improvement,” said David Sharpley, chief operating officer for Incognito. “With our network analytics solution, these two providers are now able to go a step further: not only can they view the current performance and capacity of their networks, but they can simulate upcoming adjustments in subscriber plans and see into the future to determine where investments will be needed. This empowers service providers to offer the right services to the right customers and make effective, data-supported capital expenditures in their networks.”


The first step for a provider to improve customer quality of experience (QoE) is understanding how those customers use or, in the case of new services, simulating how they will use the network. Incognito’s network analytics solution collects and analyzes the necessary customer data to get a solid understanding on network stress points and areas for capital investment. By combining subscriber and network data, service providers can predict which network elements or service areas are trending into failure, enabling network planners to make proactive decisions to prevent outages and improve QoE. In addition, Incognito’s network analytics solution enables service providers to monetize subscriber behavior with data-driven personalized offers, such as fair-use policies that police heavy-bandwidth consumers, or implement new usage-based monetization strategies.


The Incognito network analytics solution, which is already deployed to manage the QoE of millions of subscribers across numerous service providers worldwide, was the right fit for these two new providers as they look to improve their subscribers’ experience while monetizing their usage habits.


“These two new customer additions validate the differentiated value proposition of Incognito’s network analytics solution,” continued Sharpley. “Improving QoE and optimizing CAPEX are at the forefront for all service providers and Incognito has a proven solution deployed worldwide that meets these goals.”

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