DOCSIS Provisioning for Cable Modems/CPEs with Broadband Command Center

The industry's leading independent and most complete DOCSIS provisioning solution, serving more than 200 cable service providers globally.

Accelerate service rollout, optimize QoE, streamline operations, and more with Incognito’s industry-leading independent DOCSIS provisioning solution offering end-to-end device provisioning, management, and multi-standard support in a single carrier-grade platform. Deployed in more than 200 cable networks globally, Broadband Command Center is renowned for its flexibility, reliability, and extensive feature set.

Product Overview

Broadband Command Center is the industry’s leading independent DOCSIS provisioning solution that offers end-to-end cable modem/device provisioning and management capabilities to accelerate the rollout of multi-play services, enhance the subscriber experience, and streamline operations. The DOCSIS solution's intelligent provisioning capabilities enable cable operators to automatically and accurately configure and manage any device regardless of vendor, firmware version, or DOCSIS version across any access technology.

  • Accelerates service rollout of multi-play services spanning multi-vendor and multi-standard technologies, including IPv6, IPTV, DOCSIS, SIP, and PacketCable 2.0
  • Enables the delivery of 10G, low-latency, and secure next-generation cable services by providing support for DOCSIS 4.0
  • Reduces the risk of outages with a cloud-ready, scalable solution and distributed architecture with geo-redundant deployment configurations
  • Improves efficiency and reduces manual errors with automation
  • Streamlines operations and customizes provisioning based on device type, DOCSIS version, location, speed, and quality
  • Conserves valuable IPv4 resources with the automated configuration of DHCPv6 MAP-T
  • Protects services with built-in security features to prevent denial of service (DoS), fraud detection, and mitigation
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Broadband Command Center

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Broadband Command Center

Features and Benefits

Reliable and accurate device provisioning to keep subscribers satisfied, accelerate service uptake, and reduce churn.

  • Improves service uptime when deployed in a high-availability and geo-redundant configuration.
  • Assures service availability with 1:1 primary-to-secondary DHCP deployment.
  • Ensures accurate services with tight OSS integration using standards-based open APIs.
  • Offers cloud-ready container-based infrastructure for operator deployment flexibility.

Simplified management streamlines workflows with automated DOCSIS configuration file generation and analytical tools.

  • Dynamically generates configuration files and removes the need to track and store large numbers of static files—critical to operators managing DOCSIS 3.0, 3.1, and new 4.0 devices.
  • Manages all functions with a Java-based interface that can be accessed from any type of operating system.
  • Features wizards and templates for fast deployment, reduced error risk, and streamlined workflows.
  • Resolves issues and analyzes system design with extensive diagnostic and reporting tools.

Extreme scalability to support network expansion and efficient use of resources.

  • Keep costs low with our high-availability DHCP server, which supports millions of subscriber devices, as well as an unlimited number of DHCP relays per server in distributed deployments.
  • Efficiently use your available IP address space with weighted DHCP servers that span subnets across multiple relays.
  • Abstract complex MAP-T DHCPv6 configuration at scale using software-based alternative to CG-NAT.

Keep your configuration data safe and manage user privileges with multi-level security.

  • Protect your configuration information with secure administrator login and triple-DES password encryption.
  • Manage administrator user rights with access privileges, access control lists, and delegation.

High-performance DHCPv4 and DHCPv6 support.

  • Simultaneously reports packet counters for DHCPv4 and DHCPv6 packets to assist with network monitoring, system health checks, troubleshooting.
  • Simplifies DHCPv6 Prefix Delegation, IPv6, and reconfigurations with centralized control.
  • Supports CableLabs DHCP options registry including configuration and provisioning of DOCSIS and PacketCable devices over IPv6.
  • Exposes address allocations over Broadband Command Center API so that northbound IPAM systems can automatically track utilization of IPv4 and IPv6 resources
  • Simplifies DHCPv6 configuration for MAP-T to help operators cost-effectively conserve IPv4 address space.

Standards alignment and integration ease.

  • CableLabs standards-based devices with new DOCSIS 4.0 support to enable features for Low-Latency DOCSIS, Full-Duplex DOCSIS, and Enhanced Spectrum use.
  • Broadband Forum standards-based devices.
  • Converged multimedia devices that require both Broadband Forum and CableLabs standards support.
  • The widest array of SIP-based devices of any provisioning product on the market.
  • DOCSIS over EPON and GPON.
  • Integration with third-party OSS platforms, including LDAP and SQL external databases, SOAP, CLI, CORBA APIs, and XML APIs.

Intelligent Provisioning and Management

Accelerate services rollout spanning multiple vendors and technologies.

Incognito BCC Services

Automated Configuration

Ensure faster deployments, reduce costs, & eliminate manual processes.

Incognito BCC Clusters

Broadband Command Center

Key Capabilities

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DHCP Service

Automatically manages dynamic IPv4 and IPv6 address allocation, DNS records, and DOCSIS configurations based on user-defined policies.

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Supports high-security domain name resolution, authoritative DNS supporting VoIP provisioning FQDN requirements, zone transfers, and simplified DNS administration.

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Multimedia Provisioning Service

Provisions accurate PacketCable and SIP multimedia services by managing subscribers, devices, and associated configuration data.

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Configuration File Management Service

Removes the need to track and store large numbers of static files by dynamically generating configuration files.

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Configuration File Management Proxy

Delivers scalable and secure transfer of device configuration files over TFTP, HTTP, HTTP(s), and FTP.

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Centralized User Manager

Easily apply security policies across users and profiles using a centralized approach. Reduce OPEX and increase security for multi-cluster network environments using a single plane of glass for BCC user configuration.

Broadband Command Center

Value-added Modules

Central Lease Service
Fraud Management
Firmware Management Service
DNS Proxy Service
Central Management System
Central Admin Audit

Accelerate and simplify lawful intercept look-up processes with Central Lease Service (CLS) for Broadband Command Center.

  • Compile historical and active lease data from Broadband Command Center.
  • Quickly associate subscribers to devices with IP and MAC address mapping.
  • Implement new services such as DNS opt-out, providing a rapid way to associate a client device to a subscriber account.
  • Leverage extensible scripting engine for detection and migration of DOCSIS cable modem clones based on operator-specific business rules.
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Reduce fraud risk with CLS lease audit records to identify and block cloned devices.

  • Automatically detect and inspect suspected MAC spoofing when devices appear across multiple DHCP servers and CMTS gateways during an overlapping time period.
  • Easily review gateway and lease histories to filter out legitimate cases, such as node splits, from cloned devices.
  • Improve the quality of service for paying customers by blocking illegitimate devices from accessing your network through configurable means (ex. walled garden or blocked access).
  • Export reports on potential rogue devices for simplified reporting and documentation.
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Incognito's FMS reduces OPEX and improves the subscriber experience with automated DOCSIS firmware management.

  • Easily see when firmware packages are available and which devices require these updates.
  • Orchestrate bulk firmware updates with automated operations.
  • Avoid service interruption with flexible scheduling options.
  • Simplify the update process and enhance visibility with an intuitive user interface.
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Incognito's DNS Proxy Service resolves dynamic DNS (DDNS) reliability issues by replacing the need for a DNS server with a lightweight proxy server, which sends DNS requests directly to the DHCP server.

  • Eliminate dynamic DNS updates in large domains.
  • Remove synchronization errors.
  • Respond to DNS requests using the DHCP server.
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Central Management System (CMS) is a centralized software platform that manages and configures multiple BCC clusters. This alleviates the need for lengthy and error-prone manual configuration and replaces CLI-based scripting to configure BCC clusters, which typically require significant scripting expertise. Now, multiple network engineering professionals can easily configure BCC without extensive testing or scripting skills. This means less manual processes, fewer errors, and faster time to configure and update DOCSIS services.

  • Lowers operational costs through configuration automation.
  • Reduces human error with minimal manual processes and reduces deployment errors via Peer Review and Approval mechanism.
  • Ensures faster deployment by configuring once versus configuring once per cluster.
  • Offers zero-touch BCC ecosystem configuration through automated discovery of BCC services—no need to configure specific interface information for BCC services.
  • Improves security through a delegated administration model, enabling only authorized personnel to implement BCC configuration changes.
  • Features web portal GUI for ease of access.
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Central Admin Audit (CAA) provides records stored in a database, tracking BCC administrator changes, such as creating, retrieving, updating, and deleting, performed against the application. Admin users are provided with a flexible interface to query and audit configuration changes.

  • Reduce outages and speed up troubleshooting/triage processes.
  • Identify technical skills and training gaps in your workforce.
  • Protect network and mission-critical systems and increase security compliance.
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Are you looking to replace your current DOCSIS solution? Take advantage of Incognito's holistic device provisioning solution that supports network growth and helps reduce costs. Learn why Incognito is the market leader in DOCSIS provisioning by downloading our solution guide.

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