Broadband Command Center delivers world class performance, availability, and scalability in device and IP address provisioning

Broadband Command Center is an end-to-end device provisioning and management solution that offers multi-standard support from a single platform. Configure and manage DOCSIS, PacketCable, SIP, IPv6, and converged technology devices, as well as deploying subscriber devices across any network.

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Accelerate service rollout

Support triple-play services spanning multi-vendor and multi-standard technologies, including IPv6, IPTV, DOCSIS 3.1, SIP, and PacketCable 2.0.


Network and vendor-agnostic to reliably deploy devices over wireline, wireless, cable, or converged networks, including PON, FTTx, cable, telco, and 4G/LTE.

Reduce risk of outages

Grow your business without risking network outages with a reliable, scalable solution and distributed architecture.

Improve efficiency with automation

Decrease costs and reduce manual errors that can cause outages with automated device provisioning.

Streamline operations

Break down information silos with third-party and OSS/BSS integration. Customize provisioning based on device type, location, speed, quality, or other criteria.

Protect services

Protect revenue with built-in security features to prevent denial of service (DoS), CPE cloning, and other hacking attacks.

Key components

DHCP Service

Automatically manages dynamic IPv4 and IPv6 address allocation, DNS records, and DOCSIS terminal configurations based on user-defined policies.


Supports high-security domain name resolution, authoritative DNS, zone transfers, and simplified DNS administration.

Multimedia Provisioning Service

Provisions accurate PacketCable and SIP multimedia configurations by managing subscribers, devices, and associated configuration data.

Configuration File Management Service

Removes the need to track and store large numbers of static files by dynamically generating configuration files.

Configuration File Management Proxy

Delivers scalable and secure transfer of device configuration files over TFTP, HTTP, HTTP(s), and FTP.

Central Lease Service

View network leases from one central repository. Query and track historic and new leases for law enforcement reporting and CPE fraud detection without overloading the DHCP service.

Firmware Management System

Reduce OPEX and simplify DOCSIS device firmware management with a configurable firmware platform that automates scheduled updates and provides full visibility of end-to-end processes.

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