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Leading Latin American Service Provider Selects Incognito Firmware Management

Incognito's solution creates an accurate inventory of device models, vendors, and firmware types without putting any additional strain on the provider’s network or provisioning solution.

Vancouver, Canada – May 12, 2017 – Incognito Software Systems Inc's Firmware Management Solution was selected for its ability to create an accurate inventory of device models, vendors, and firmware types without putting any additional strain on the provider’s network or provisioning solution. At the same time, the provider needed a solution that allowed for customizable upgrades and downgrades, automated processes with minimal human intervention, and offering real-time visibility into firmware campaigns.

Key features of the solution include:

  • Flexible firmware campaign orchestration: Incognito automates processes including on-boot firmware upgrades and downgrades, multi-stage and batch campaigns, and enables the scheduling of updates during specified service windows to reduce the chance of customer downtime while also cutting operating costs
  • Performant and scalable solution: The solution is agnostic of hardware vendor, working with any DOCSIS device. The vertical scaling platform is non-blocking, non-intrusive, and has real-time visibility into the entire device population without impacting the CMTS or scraping the network
  • Easy-to-use interface: Step-by-step and real-time views enable an omniscient view of the network inventory for easier scheduling, instant roll-outs, and simplified troubleshooting
  • Non-intrusive network architecture: The solution integrates easily with existing back-end provisioning systems and offers visibility across the network into success and failures of ongoing and completed deployments
  • Customizable reporting: The ability to customize and automate reports for network administrators, based on a variety of criteria as selected

“Incognito is honored to have been chosen by such a key operating affiliate in Latin America to automate time-consuming error-prone manual processes, improve customer satisfaction while reducing OPEX with Incognito’s scalable firmware solution,” said Stephane Bourque, Chief Executive Officer at Incognito.


“As an ever-increasing number and variety of customer premises equipment is continually introduced into market, service providers of all types around the world need a way to centrally organize and manage the number of firmware update packages required for each device iteration, agnostic of vendor,” continued Bourque. “Incognito’s firmware management solution ensures the rapid, accurate orchestration of mass firmware updates with an easy-to-use scheduling platform that eliminates the risk of interrupting subscriber services and ensure network-wide compliance to production firmware.”

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