Broadband Command Center delivers world class performance, availability, and scalability in device and IP address provisioning

Central Lease Service

View network leases from one central repository with Central Lease Service. This extension:

  • Automatically compiles and consolidates historical and active lease data from Broadband Command Center to enable a fast and efficient lease lookup process
  • Simplifies lawful intercept reporting without overloading the DHCP service
  • Enables mapping of IP addresses to MAC addresses and vice versa so that administrators can quickly associate subscribers to devices and obtain lease history for law enforcement compliance
  • Facilitates the implementation of new services such as DNS opt-out by providing a fast and simple way to associate a client device to a subscriber account.

Firmware Management Service

Reduce OPEX and simplify the management of DOCSIS firmware across your network with the solution that automates scheduled updates and provides full visibility of end-to-end processes so you can:

  • Easily see when firmware packages are available and which devices require these updates
  • Orchestrate bulk firmware updates with automated operations
  • Avoid service interruption with flexible scheduling options
  • Simplify the update process and enhance visibility with an intuitive user interface
  • Lower OPEX costs with update validation and remote device management

Fraud Management

Extend the security capabilities of Broadband Command Center with the Central Lease Service Fraud Management extension. This automated security solution accesses and analyzes the lease audit records stored in Central Lease Service to easily identify, inspect, and block cloned devices on your network, eliminating the need to manually review audit records.

  • Automatically detect and inspect suspected MAC spoofing when devices appear across multiple DHCP servers and CMTS gateways during an overlapping time period
  • Easily review gateway and lease histories to filter out legitimate cases (such as node splits) from cloned devices
  • Improve quality of service for paying customers by blocking illegitimate devices from accessing your network through configurable means (e.g. walled garden or blocked access)
  • Export reports on potential rogue devices for simplified reporting and documentation

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