Domain management system

Simplified Domain Name Management

Easily manage DNS infrastructure as well as domains, and automatically propagate changes with a time-saving interface.

  • Manage split DNS infrastructure, allowing administration of both internal and external DNS records
  • Effortlessly update domains with wizards, forms, and templates to speed up record creation and editing
  • Automatically manage dynamic DNS and slave zones as well as propagate changes to common zone settings across all servers
  • Reduce VoIP transaction costs using ENUM management function
  • Enable customer self-management with the customer portal

Preserve Data Integrity and Security

Protect the validity and security of your data with auditing tools and best practice approaches.

  • Ensure the security your data with login protection, access control lists for domains, zones, and records, and auditing to track historical changes
  • Assign user roles and privileges to ensure only qualified administrators can access certain functionalities
  • Maintain the validity of your data by using a set of rules to audit any changes made to the DNS

Scalability and Extensibility

Prepare now for future growth with scalable, easily integrated and future-proof software.

  • Distribute the load geographically and scale the deployment to your business
  • Prepare for the future with support for IPv4 and IPv6 infrastructure
  • Simultaneously administer all your name servers no matter how they multiply
  • Seamlessly integrate Name Commander with back office systems and IP address management software

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