TR-369 User Services Platform Support


Device management evolution in Digital Experience Solution

Moving forward, we will continue to see an acceleration in digital home complexity with higher Wi-Fi usage and more smart home automation being introduced. This will increase pressure on service providers to resolve even more in-home connectivity issues, often from contention resulting from increased video streaming, gaming and due to un-managed devices like smart switches, smart lighting and security systems.

Service providers lack access to real-time device data and intelligence which prevents proactive issue resolution, coupled with insufficient security for managing remote devices and applications. They are challenged to accelerate the introduction of new value-added services such as enhanced parental controls, restricted by architectural limitations of legacy device management platforms.

The Incognito Digital Experience Solution features support for the Broadband Forum’s User Services Platform (USP) standard. USP represents the next evolution in device and broadband services management offering enhanced security, a distributed architecture, and access to real-time device data that can improve Wi-Fi optimization and drive proactive diagnosis and resolution of technical issues.

The Incognito solution includes a unified approach to residential and IoT device management with USP controller capability for next-generation TR-369 devices, and continued backwards compatibility support for TR-069 and current devices managed by the Incognito Auto Configuration Server. This allows Incognito customers to continue to innovate today’s broadband IP services supported by TR-069, while preparing for the introduction of TR-369 devices and related IP services in the future.

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Hybrid platform approach supports today’s devices and next-generation device models.

  • Unified platform supports both existing TR-069 devices and services managed by Incognito Auto Configuration Server, while introducing complementary next-generation USP support for TR-369 protocols and devices
  • Leverage investment in common tools across ACS and USP—digital care, self-service widgets, service quality, and KPI management

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Enhanced in-home Wi-Fi visibility to optimize and manage services.

  • Supports Wi-Fi Alliance Certified Data Elements under Broadband Forum USP Specification
  • Alleviates need for device agent-based solutions with ease of implementation and management across TR-369 devices from different vendors
  • Enables multi-AP Wi-Fi Mesh networking – across different vendor equipment types

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Proactive QoE via real-time data insights and extensive KPI analytics.

  • Always-on, real-time communication to devices via MQTT, a lightweight, compressed IP-based messaging protocol
  • Enables bulk data and device telemetry collection in real-time, enabling machine learning
  • Facilitates proactive diagnosis and resolution of issues by network operations teams

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Home IoT automation support.

  • New specifications to manage in-home IoT devices
  • Proxy to IoT home devices that use ZigBee and Z-Wave protocols
  • Real-time configuration management

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Always on connectivity with improved security, authentication, and privacy.

  • End-to-end application-layer encryption channel using TLS/DTLS
  • Access control rules defining responsibilities for controller data access

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Distributed USP architecture enables fast deployment of virtualized services on gateways.

  • Accelerates monetization opportunity for operators – deploy smart home services, like parental controls, security, Wi-Fi optimization, and gaming applications

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Robust subscriber self-care options.

  • Allows remote access to devices even when not connected to Internet using CoAP

Incognito Insights – User Services Platform (USP)

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