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Tracking, managing, and executing the massive variety of device firmware updates required to evergreen a network is costly and error-prone. It’s not a problem that can be ignored, as hackers present a real security threat and keeping device firmware current is key to avoiding fraudulent activities such as device cloning. Couple this with the increased number of IoT devices in the home and firmware management processes become even more challenging — leaving many devices performing below optimal capacity.

To avoid the pitfalls of poor customer quality of service (QoS) and fraudulent activity, broadband service providers need an holistic view of all network devices, with automated tracking and management of firmware versions, coupled with flexible scheduling capabilities that avoid subscriber service interruption but can be implemented as needed.

The Incognito Firmware Management solution is a vendor and device-neutral software platform that addresses the end-to-end firmware orchestration process — from organizing a plethora of vendor devices and their associated firmware to scheduling and automating procedures and simplifying execution with complete visibility.

Flexibly delivered and powered by Incognito Auto Configuration Server or Incognito Broadband Command Center, this solution provides unparalleled agileness, reporting, and automation for firmware management:

  • Device categorization groups provide accurate initiation, configuration, and installation of firmware updates. Once a firmware update path is created, the solution automatically detects new devices and upon boot, onboards them into the appropriate group.
  • Automation executes and verifies the firmware management process to simplify bulk firmware updates and reduce time-to-completion
  • Real-time visibility over end-to-end firmware management processes, device status updates, firmware update successes, and procedural errors that need to be addressed
  • Flexible scheduling and staggering options update firmware during off-peak hours to avoid potential service disruption and meet service provider business priorities
  • Active firmware management library tracks device and firmware version history, mapping devices to subscriber-specific criteria such as account information and MAC addresses
  • Significantly reduce the hassle of performing manual firmware updates resulting in long-term ROI with improved customer experiences, less service disruptions and reboots, and reduced risk of fraud
  • Scale horizontally with vendor-agnostic firmware management software and accommodate new devices today and into the future with IoT
  • Avoid accidental subscriber service disruption with flexibility when scheduling and orchestrating firmware updates and provide the ability to easily initiate a specific firmware update to address security concerns
  • Reduce OPEX by automating key firmware management and device verification processes
  • Improve visibility into the ongoing firmware update process to ensure updates are rolled out successfully
  • Gain greater insight into current and historical device firmware versions with an organized up-to-date library of configurable device groups including rich reporting capabilities
  • Eliminate the need for disruptive firmware updates when a new device registers on the network with automated on-boot updates



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