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Incognito's User Services Platform (USP) Technical Bootcamp

In today's competitive broadband market, service providers are facing mounting pressure to improve quality of experience in the home Wi-Fi network and find ways to deliver new value-added services to customers. The new TR-369 User Services Platform (USP) standard offers a faster, scalable, and more secure way of managing the lifecycle of connected devices to ensure a quality user experience, regardless of protocol or device type, as well as support the deployment of virtualized technologies to enable new service offerings. With this new technology on the horizon, now is the time to rethink how the broadband experience is delivered and managed.

To help operators unlock new revenue and drive operational efficiency, Incognito is hosting free technical sessions on USP, providing a deep-dive on new features available in the TR-369 specification. These virtual sessions are intended for service provider engineering and product teams who have a device focus.

Incognito USP Bootcamp Themes

What will be covered?

Each session includes engaging presentations and real-world case studies led by Incognito product experts, coupled with open conversations. Topics covered include:

  • New features available in TR-369 USP and how they differ from TR-069
  • Use cases and what's driving industry interest around TR-369
  • Detailed deep-dives into USP functionality, including monitoring and statistics, multiple controller architecture, message types, and managed Wi-Fi

Why should you attend?

Incognito Insights

Gain insights on best practices and considerations for TR-369 device lab evaluations.

Incognito Innovation

Innovate and get ahead of your competition when it comes to rolling out TR-369 devices.

Incognito OSS Ready

Future-proof your OSS for the long-term transition from TR-069 to TR-369.

Incognito Cutting Edge

See how Incognito’s USP controller delivers third-party services in virtualized containers on CPEs and gateways.