• Managing Residential and Industrial IoT

    Smart home applications are already here, and more consumer and industrial applications are coming soon. The first step towards preparing for the future is to adopt an open, device- and protocol-agnostic device management solution. Don’t be left behind.

  • DOCSIS 3.1 Toolkit: Everything You Need To Know

    The toolkit contains resources that were created to provide all the information you need to better understand deployment options and scenarios, increase network bandwidth capacity, hasten new services time-to-market, and simplify DOCSIS file configuration and provisioning processes.

  • The WiFi ToolKit: Everything You Need to Know to Get Your WiFi Network Running at 110%

    A practical collection of tools to help you deploy and optimize your WiFi network. From monitoring and management to improving subscriber QoE, we’ve rounded up some of best resources to help you improve business and residential WiFi deployments on your network.

  • Centralize Auditing to Decrease Service Activation Risks

    Discover how to improve visibility over end-to-end service activation processes and reduce the complexity of retrieving audit information when dealing with service activation issues.

  • Simplify Firmware Updates With an Automated Management Solution

    Looking for a way to reduce operational costs and streamline the firmware update process? Gain an organized database of your entire CPE network and schedule automated end-to-end firmware management processes while retaining full visibility over device statuses — even while updates occur.

  • SmartCSR: Next Generation Customer Care

    SmartCSR is designed to enable faster and more granular troubleshooting to reduce manual processes and improve issue resolution speeds for customer service representatives (CSRs). This system has completely eliminated the swivel chair for CSR agents. SmartCSR combines a fully configurable root-cause analysis flow with an integration platform that pulls data from multiple OSS/BSS sources, offering … Continue reading "SmartCSR: Next Generation Customer Care"

  • IPAM Routing Table Discovery

    Many communication service providers offer business customers transit on their networks. However, without visibility beyond the network edge, providers face a number of potentially serious issues that can affect IP resource management and cause IP conflicts that affect subscriber services.

  • Minimize Service Disruption With An Automated IPAM Solution

    Explore common challenges and learn why an automated IP address management (IPAM) and scope deployment solution can help you reduce operational expenses as well as avoid subscriber service disruption.

  • Innovate Your Network Service Portfolio

    Today, most broadband services are sold as commodities based on speed and price. While this was entirely sufficient during the “go-go” days of exponential growth, it is no longer an equitable model for network service providers.

  • 2017 Community Hotspot QoE: An Incognito Consumer Report

    Over 1500 consumers from the United States of America and Germany answered questions on their experiences with today’s WiFi hotspots. Download the report from your region to learn about the consumer’s current perception of the WiFi hotspot experience, and what direction quality expectations are headed.