Digital Home Experience Solution for Network Engineering and Operations

There is increasing pressure on network engineering and operations teams to improve quality of experience in the home WiFi network. This requires proactive tools and performance analytics to accelerate technical problem resolution. It also means getting visibility into the home network to analyze data and perform diagnostics for all of the devices that share the home broadband network, which now includes smart home technology and even more internet devices.

The Incognito Digital Home Experience Solution brings together analytics and automation with extensible scripting to proactively address technical issues and automate resolution within the home network, often before service quality is impacted. Incognito offers support for all services over xDSL, xPON, Cable, FTTx, and fixed-wireless broadband support, and all types of devices using TR-069 and SNMP. With open APIs, Incognito brings a modular and future-proof platform for service providers to leverage now and into the future.

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