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Incognito Software Systems Joins FTTH Council Europe

By Matt Mariani on January, 30 2024

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Incognito Joins FTTH Council Europe | Accelerating Fibre Services

We are thrilled to announce that Incognito Software Systems, a leading provider of automated OSS solutions spanning broadband service orchestration, device management, and network intelligence, has joined the FTTH Council Europe to strengthen our commitment to helping service providers operationalize and accelerate fibre-based services across European markets.

The FTTH Council is a renowned non-profit association dedicated to advancing ubiquitous full fibre-based connectivity throughout Europe. With approximately 150 members, including vendors, service providers, and investors, the council plays a pivotal role in shaping policies, providing expert advice to regulators, and conducting in-depth research on market activity.

FTTH Council Quote

"As an independent association, the FTTH Council Europe is dedicated to providing valuable insights and expert advice on fibre technology, and we look forward to collaborating with Incognito to further enhance our collective impact on the evolution of European broadband infrastructure," said Vincent Garnier, Director General at FTTH Council Europe. "We are pleased to continue to expand our membership with Incognito joining the Council and participating in our committees."

Incognito Solutions

According to recent FTTH Council Europe research, fibre-based subscriptions are projected to grow by over 60% between 2024 and 2028, reaching 196 million subscriptions across 39 European countries. As more service providers transition their networks to fibre, new challenges arise that impact operations when it comes to migrating customers, managing new access network equipment and CPE devices, and implementing changes to ordering, fulfillment, assurance, and billing systems.

Incognito's cutting-edge software solutions empower service providers to modernize operational and customer service processes through automation, resulting in reduced costs and accelerated time to market for new B2C and B2B products, including neutral networks. With Incognito's standards-based approach, service providers are assured of their investments at both the OSS and network level to deliver closed-loop automation, vendor interoperability, and autonomous network solutions of the future.

"We've seen first-hand in global markets that scaling and accelerating fibre services brings unique operational challenges. Our wealth of experience positions Incognito as a seasoned partner adept at addressing operational hurdles faced by service providers in every major market," said Gonzalo Jofre, EMEA Sales Director at Incognito. "Incognito is looking forward to actively participating in the FTTH Council Europe to deepen our global insights and deliver valuable best practices to European service providers."

Meet with Incognito

Join Incognito at Mobile World Congress 2024 and FTTH Conference 2024 to discover how our OSS solutions can streamline your fibre-based services, providing a competitive edge in the rapidly evolving market.

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