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Ofcom's Compensation Program & How to Maximize Customer Satisfaction

By Matt Mariani on March, 21 2023

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In today's connected world, reliable broadband services are no longer just a luxury, they are a necessity. From remote work and online education to staying connected with family and friends, so much of our day-to-day activities rely on having a stable connection. However, all too often, people suffer from poor customer service when things do go wrong. This is why the UK telecom regulator Ofcom's automatic compensation program is so important. It ensures that service providers are held accountable for providing reliable broadband services and that customers are adequately compensated if problems aren't fixed quickly enough.

As Ofcom rolls out its program, broadband and landline customers will automatically receive compensation from their service providers when things go wrong without having to ask for it. While participation in the program is voluntary, it puts participating service providers in a favorable light with subscribers as they show they are committed to providing better services. Under the program, service providers will provide compensation to customers in the form of a cash payment or credit to their bill for failings in three specific areas:

  • If a customer's landline or broadband is not fixed after two full business days (£8.40/day the service is not repaired).
  • If new services are not up and running on the day promised (£5.25/day of delay).
  • If an engineer fails to arrive for a scheduled appointment. (£26.24/missed appointment).

In 2021, 1.3 million automatic compensation payments were made by the signatories of the scheme for a total amount of £58.5m, which was more than double the amount paid in 2020.

While this trend is good news for consumers, it's a growing concern for service providers facing unpalatable financial penalties and reputational damage due to poor service performance. This is where Incognito comes in. Our proven automated OSS broadband management and orchestration solutions help service providers streamline their operational processes and digital care channels to put an end to these penalties and take advantage of the positive exposure that comes from providing exceptional services.

Challenges Faced by Service Providers in Managing Services

With the average household now having as many as 22 devices connected to the home network, paired with the insatiable demand for high-speed services, managing in-home Wi-Fi networks has become more challenging for service providers. This complexity can lead to slower speeds, connectivity issues, and other problems that can negatively impact the customer experience. What's needed is a higher degree of automation from their back-office systems in the form of a holistic platform that provides the flexibility to easily configure and launch new services while also managing devices from any equipment vendor to drive quality of experience.

When it comes to delivering new services, customers expect a smooth and hassle-free experience without any delays. If the activation and order management process is complex, time-consuming, or error-prone, it can negatively impact the customer experience and lead to more financial penalties. To accelerate the time-to-market of new services and get customers connected quickly, operators need to ensure they have a platform that offers open APIs, process standardization, and abstraction between customer equipment, service types, and access network technology.

DX Solution for Streamlining Operations and Improved Customer Care

Incognito's Digital Experience (DX) Solution is a cutting-edge platform designed to revolutionize how service providers manage their subscribers' in-home Wi-Fi networks and devices. With Incognito's unified approach to remote device management, service providers can improve the broadband experience for subscribers, expedite the resolution of connectivity issues, and simplify the launch of new revenue-generating services into the connected home.

  • Unified approach to device management supported by Incognito's Auto Configuration Server (TR-069, MQTT) and User Services Platform controller (TR-369).
  • KPI analytics delivers a real-time view of device, in-home Wi-Fi network, and access network performance to enable proactive care, remote diagnostics, and service optimization.
  • Wi-Fi home scoring featuring an all-inclusive view of patterns and predictions for network devices and a real-time analysis of network interference, coverage, throughput, and more to ensure optimal configuration.
  • CSR dashboard provides the operational tools enabling customer care teams to remotely perform device reboots, speed tests, and network scans.
  • Automated bulk device firmware management improves device performance and reduces the risk of fraud and security breaches.
  • Increase first-call resolution rates, shorten average call-handling times, and reduce CSR training requirements and technical skill sets with automated troubleshooting and guided issue resolutions.
  • Take advantage of TR-369 USP technology to supercharge the broadband experience and deploy smart home services such as Wi-Fi optimization, network security, and parental controls directly on devices/gateways.

How Incognito's SAC Platform Can Help

Incognito's Service Activation Center (SAC) is a productized software platform that automates end-to-end service activation to reduce costs, rollout services faster, and improve the subscriber experience with well-orchestrated and assured order fulfillment processes. With Incognito's catalog-driven service order management approach, operators can easily configure service packages and process hundreds of successful orders per second.

Additionally, SAC's automated troubleshooting and service diagnostics capabilities enable operators to proactively detect connectivity issues and allow operators to understand the impacts of issues on specific subscribers. This allows operators to quickly diagnose and resolve issues, improving overall network performance and reducing subscriber frustration.

  • Catalog-driven service order management allows operators to design, implement, and process service orders faster.
  • 'No code' approach to configuring and abstracting service fulfillment processes for any network technology to launch new services quickly.
  • Automate multi-service activation across all networks and devices with configurable business logic.
  • Unified record system for all services, devices, and subscribers.
  • Extensive library of ready-to-use adapters and northbound open APIs, including certified TM Forum APIs, for integration into service assurance, ticketing, and workforce management systems.
  • Centralized platform for B2C, B2B, B2B2X, and neutral networks service delivery. Makes use of multi-tenancy to minimize infrastructure and operational needs in serving customers.


Only Incognito Software Systems offers service fulfillment, provisioning, and network automation for any access network using our productized, cloud-native platforms with unmatched features, economics, and flexibility.

Incognito is a leader in service fulfillment, provisioning, and network automation and has a proven track record with solution replacements, including projects at large Tier 1 operators. Streamline operations, improve service quality, and future-proof your service provisioning processes with Incognito to drive customer satisfaction, reduce costs, and increase revenue. Contact our team today to schedule your personalized demo.

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