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Why DX SaaS is Much More Than a Cloud-based ACS Solution

By Sonya Goodanetz on February, 12 2021

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As service providers continue to scale back on capital expenditures in these challenging times, how will they ensure a reliable fixed broadband experience and avoid network outages when consumers depend on connectivity so much in this day and age? With device volumes continuing to grow from new fixed access subscribers, and the number of connected 'things’ in the home exploding, are operators digital ready?

Service providers and enterprises looking to pivot and adopt cloud-based approaches require flexibility and agility to operate in this new business environment. Of course, the concepts of cloud computing and pay-as-you-go models aren’t necessarily new, but the pandemic served as a massive catalyst for expedited digital transformation. Verizon at CES 2021 stated the pandemic caused the world to “leapfrog five to seven years in the digital revolution,” speeding up the projected timeline to a more remote lifestyle that involves working from home, distant learning, and telemedicine. For operators to continue to effectively serve their customers remotely in an economic climate where cost savings are crucial, they require new approaches to rapidly introducing digital channels to their subscribers, such as self-service. Enter cloud-based deployments and Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions.

Sure, cloud-based SaaS solutions aren’t necessarily new business models, but the Incognito offering is tailored to meet operators' current and future needs. The Incognito DX SaaS offering is so much more than a cloud-based ACS TR-069 product. We go above and beyond to provide the services that wrap around our future-proofed platform to maximize your investment, optimize your operational efficiency, and allow you to focus on what matters most – delivering on your customer’s SLAs in a cost-effective manner.

Whether you have an existing solution for device management or your CPEs are unmanaged today, let's explore the top 5 missteps operators make and how Incognito can help you meet your future needs using our DX SaaS:

Relying on open-source tools

We’ve heard from operators globally that “other vendors throw a product at me in the cloud, but I need the services to help me!”. Having vendor support in introducing autonomous network operations is key to operational efficiency.

Focusing solely on your network equipment vendor

Numerous device manufacturers will claim ACS or USP support, but they often won’t manage anything other than their own equipment! When diversity enters your network due to M&A, multiple access technologies, or your evolving needs, centralized device management is the ideal strategy to avoiding siloed applications.

Not keeping pace (or well ahead!) of network growth

A scalable and reliable platform is critical to your near and future subscriber equipment volumes, but how to do that without a massive hardware spend? Incognito takes care of that.

Trying to build and manage it all in-house

For effective device management, you need a comprehensive view inside the home/business network (e.g. Wi-Fi connectivity), the equipment itself, and the WAN parameters – SNMP just doesn’t cut it. Can you afford to spend cycles on establishing TR-069/TR-369 expertise in your organization, and dedicate expensive resources like network engineering and network operations for device certification, onboarding, and application maintenance?

Re-inventing the wheel for new B2C and B2B products

Is your service delivery process agile? Speed and being first to market is a competitive advantage. Speaking of speed, how are you proactively measuring your fixed broadband subscribers' quality of experience? Are you harnessing all the ‘remote’ digital channels to equip your customer care, network operations, and field technicians?

If 2020 has shown us anything, it’s that the need to deliver a stellar broadband experience is critical to business continuity and sky-high consumer expectations will remain in post-pandemic times. If you’re ready to pivot to a true Software-as-a-Service offering that includes a scalable cloud-based ACS platform to remotely manage your subscriber devices and provides comprehensive support, then Incognito has the solution you’ve been searching for. Reach out and let’s get you started today with Incognito's DX SaaS offering.


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